My Own Designs

I've named instructors if a piece was begun in a workshop.

To view as a slide show, click on a photo and use the right and left arrow keys to move around. The "Esc" key brings you back here.

Inukshuk, made as part of a guild River Project challenge. c2014

Kool Kaleidoscope c2014
(started in class with Kim Caskey)

Convergence with 3-D birds c2012
(started in class with Susan Loland)

Creative Flame c2012
(started in a "drawing for quilters" class with Jayne Willoughby Scott)

50th Anniversary celebratory quilt, Nampa Library commission


Daisy c2011

Torii c2010
(started in a landscape class with Coreen Zerr )

N-R-Gee! c2012
(started in a "drawing for quilters" class with Jayne Willoughby Scott)

Self portrait c2011
(started in a portrait class with Lynn Czaban)

Sunflowers c2011

Botanical 2 c2011

Ghost Bees c2013

Memorial quilt commission c2013

Poppies commission c2013

70's Bubbles c2010


  1. Love your art quilts. Your self portrait quilt is amazing!

    1. Thank you Jereena. Marilyn Bedford authored the book we used as a textbook for the class. Here is the link to it on her website.
      It's available to purchase through Amazon

  2. Your art quilts are incredible, I love them all, and I'm going to have to have a look at that book/website you've mentioned above. Thank you!

  3. I don't know why I didn't look at this page before. Your art quilts are beautiful! I especially like Ghost Bees. Yay!

    1. Thanks Jan-Michael!
      Ghost Bees was created it in response to a call for a juried "black and white" show at a gallery in Grande Prairie, Alberta. I knew immediately what to make. The plight of our pollinators featured heavily in the news last summer and I wanted to show how we rely on bees for our very existence. Using an oil paint pen on black fabric, I listed many plants pollinated by bees that we can't live without. I made other background fabrics with bleach discharge (to mimic honeycombs), and stitch, and sculpted the cheesecloth elements. Thankfully it was accepted to the show!

  4. Your quilts are incredible Carol! One amazing technique after another and each so beautifully done! Wow what talent you have!

  5. What a fantastic array of techniques and quilts! I've tried a few. I did a Ricky Tims convergence quilt. Loved that. I haven't tried any portraits. Yours is amazing.


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