Whimsical Leaves

Dreaming up quilting to complement this quilt's whimsical features (without creating visual chaos) was a challenge! (so was that sentence! Ha!)

Fresh off the frame!

I strove for balance rather than symmetry when placing designs. Repeating filler and vein motifs kept things from getting too crazy.

In my last post I'd considered using brighter thread for the veins. When asked, my client expressed a preference for the quieter thread I'd already stitched. It was probably a good call on her part...it might have been too easy to go overboard!

Wind fills the background around the frames...wild and blustery!!!

Stylized leaves complete the outer border. The leaf motif was inspired by Lori Kennedy's "open leaf with spiral" design. (I only used the right half, stretching it to fill the space.)

I'd left the frames for last. I'd toyed with the idea of leaving them un-quilted, but they just looked unfinished. In fact, before they were stitched the quilting felt a bit disappointing.

Still not feelin' the love.
As soon as the frames were filled with organic vertical and horizontal lines, KaPOW....L-O-V-E!!!

KaPOW!!! Lines bring the whole quilt to life!
As usual, the more stitching, the better!!!

Here is a "before" shot of the quilt:

And here is the "after" shot:


Hopefully its owner will love it, too!

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  1. Beautiful quilt and the quilting always adds so much!

  2. It turned out just gorgeous-I love what you added to this quilt-nicely done!!

  3. Wow, the quilting really does give a lot of depth to the pattern and once again - love the backing view! Kapow indeed!

  4. That is a Kapow quilt for sure! I do love how quilting always adds to the piecing! Beautiful workmanship on your part!

  5. Your quilting is simply stunning, it really makes the quilt a star!

  6. Great texture! Your quilts always looks like made from few layers. Interesting effect for sure!

  7. It looks great! Your quilting complements the quilt excellently.

  8. Carole, this is awesome! Your quilting choices are absolutely perfect!! No need to second guess on this one girlfriend, your eye for what designs to use is fabulous! Great job!!

  9. This is beautiful! The quilting is absolutely amazing and looks great on this quilt!

  10. Your quilting has certainly brought this to life. It was interesting to see the photo with the frames not quilted and the KAPOW moment once they were quilted. The owner will certainly love what you are returning to her.

  11. Job well done. The mix of designs complements the fabric and the contrast of linear and curvy works really well. I can't imagine the owner not being pleased.

  12. This is a gorgeous quilt, Carole. It is really good to see that your talents and your client's talents have combined so well.
    Love, Muv

  13. Oh wow that's stunning, it's got such gorgeous texture and I love the suggestion of a breeze rustling the leaves!

  14. That is very pretty and thanks for the play by play on the quilting-- amazing what the frame quilting did to add the punch!

  15. I've been so busy that I'm just getting caught up on my blog reading. What a fun quilt! And the quilting makes it sparkle - I love it!

  16. Your quilting is gorgeous on this, really brings the quilt to life.

  17. Is there any record of the quilt pattern?

    1. As a longarm quilter I often don't know pattern names. I just did a quick online search and it looks like the pattern is by a company called "Fun Easy Designed", owned by Bonnie Hwang and Mary Pona in British Columbia, Canada. I hope that helps!


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