This bag was made using fabric that I painted, sun printed, and quilted. I'm very happy with the result!
[TO MAKE A SINGLE BAG instead of five at once, prepare an 18" x 8.5" piece of quilted fabric. Then skip ahead to the appropriate spot in the tutorial and start making your bag.]

I enjoy using this on a daily basis!
Dress Form Mannequin Pin Cushion

I made a nice edge on this quilt by facing it. Ha ha! Get it? Facing...?
(couldn't resist!)

I love my hand dyed fabrics!
This link will take you to "Sew Mama Sew" where you can find over 400 Tutorials!
I recommend the one for
Beginning Fabric Dyeing

...and now I'm off to explore this
Tutorial Treasure Trove!

Beautiful finish
Binding by Machine

Flange binding
Flange Binding by Machine

Bargello Strip Set
Preparing Strip Sets

Binding Tutorial from the Missouri Star Quilt Company
This YouTube video explains how to prepare a straight of grain binding, how to stitch it to the quilt, how to finish the ends so the final join disappears, and shows her hand stitching process.
She does lots by eye and manhandles her fabric more than I like (gulp!), but the general ideas are valid. It's a great point in the right direction!


I tend to work more precisely and do a number of little things differently, but to each her own!

Among other things, I mark the stitching lines for diagonal joins, use pins as I see fit, measure the overlap in the final join, PLUS I treat my fabric more gently so the quilt and binding are not stretched and wavy when I'm done. I use a ladder stitch for hand binding so the stitches don't show at all, and I like to completely fill the binding with fabric. I also hide my corner tacks, and stitch the entire corner miters closed, front and back.
All of it is fine tuning...which works for me because I have a more meticulous style.
It's in my DNA to be particular!

How to Begin and End Free-Motion Quilting Stitches
Click here for an awesome video tutorial by Cindy Needham!