Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Successes and Messes

In an effort to become more comfortable using my Freedom I have embraced the "Practice Principle".

Okay, I made that up just now.

BUT... I do know that if I want to get better at something I need to do it.

Not perfectly.
Just often.
And my skills will improve.
And I know there are no short cuts to improvement (dammit).

So, my mantra has become, "Done is better than perfect."

This was the first quilt I tackled using my new set up:

Carla's quilt. Ivy Twist by Southwind Designs
Lessons learned include:

  1. Do not attempt a pantograph* on a quilt with 3-D elements. Just...don't.
    The parts that are folded back to create dimension will get caught on the foot of the machine and insist on being stitched down in some wonky, weird way that will require the use of a seam ripper to rectify. And foot stomping. And swearing.
  2. Do not attempt a pantograph on a quilt with 3-D elements. Again...just don't.
    It takes an entire bottle of Roxanne's temporary glue-baste-it to glue those suckers down so they won't get caught on the foot, and a butt-load of time.  ...and, did I mention the cursing?
  3. Ensure that the laser pointer aimed at the pantograph is secure.
    If not, it will "jump" and shift to a different point on the design exactly when you glance away to check your stitches, and you will merrily complete the row of stitching before noticing that something is not right...
  4. Done is better than perfect. (sigh)
    (I just hope Carla likes it anyway because it was stitched with love!)

    *pantograph = an "all over" design free-handed from the back of the machine while "tracing" a printed pattern with a laser pointer.

Okay, moving on. I won't show you every-single-quilt-I've-ever-quilted.
You're welcome.

I will show a couple of cute grandkids (I KNOW...RIGHT??? Every time I say that, it comes as a surprise to me that I'm a GRANNY!) wrapped in quilty love:

Grandpa Chuck thought R should have a super hero quilt! R obviously agrees!

I love that kids immediately roll themselves up in their quilts! They get it!

And a couple of quilts that were "smooth sailing":

Hidden Moons, from the book, "Crazy Curves, Continued"

Brandt's quilt. BQ by Maple Island Quilts.

And finally, fresh off the frame this week:
(trimmed, but not yet bound)

Stars n Spurs. One Block Wonder technique, my own design.

Next time I'll show what I recently learned about using minky on the back of a quilt.

Thought I had that under control, but there is still much to learn for this quilter.

Try, Learn, Grow!


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