Life Snippets

"Intro to Quilt Making" class participants are doing beautifully:


Tonight will be our final class in this series, and it will be a busy one. Students will layer, baste, make a quilting plan, start quilting, and learn how bind their projects. Whew!

We faced 500 km of nastiness on our way to help my brother celebrate his 50th birthday.

I was wishing I'd stayed home in my pjs
We saw a couple of oil tankers ditched along the way, but thankfully we stayed on the road. Our whole side of the family was together for the first time in ages, which helped ease the pain of the trip.

You'd think when a person turns 50 a certain amount of respect would be shown, but NOPE! They did this to the poor guy! 

Dignity and grace as a Japanese Geisha - what a good sport!
I'm happy to report that the road conditions coming home were much, MUCH better!

I desperately wanted to take a shortcut on my log cabin project, but I just couldn't do it.

Instead of making the final 12 blocks (& multiple setting triangles) that would transform this giant hexagon into something more rectangular, I was considering simply adding corners in a single fabric. I tried all sorts of possibilities, but none looked right.
So, I kept on sewing.

Remember, I've vowed to use only fabric I have on hand. 

I'd used almost all of my fabric to make the giant hexagon, but somehow managed to make pleasing combinations for the final blocks. I also found a green to work as my setting triangles & border. Hallelujah!

(Sorry for the weird colours in these photos...I had poor lighting, but with the quilt in a million pieces it had to stay put!)

I'm finally at the point of sewing sections together.

Oh, and I'm thinking of pulling everything out of my sewing room for a huge sort and storage revamp.

My cutting table gets the worst of it.

Piles by my feet & in the doorway.

When I moved into this room I didn't have much to store. I had only basic sewing supplies, and everything had a home. 

The system I started with has worked for a long time, but I've recently been forced to make piles. 

I love an organized space, so piles will not do. Wish me luck!

Until next time, try, learn, grow!