Still Hanging by a Thread @ the Library

Today was quilt hanging day!

We never discuss our entries ahead of time, but it doesn't seem to astonishing variety always arrives, and the show is always beautiful!

Many of my snapshots were blurry, so I'll try again another day. In the meantime, enjoy this sneak peek at some of our work:

Still a gap waiting to be filled on this wall...

More photos to follow.

I did manage to finish my "Electric Stripes" quilt in time for the show, but alas, my log cabin challenge piece did not make it in time.

What I accomplished this week:

In addition to the usual chores, I managed to meet a few quilty goals, too.

Quilted my Mom's quilt on Sunday
Taught "Intro to Quilting" class on Monday
(scrappy churn dash is my sample)

Bound "Electric Stripes" on Tues &Wed

Survived another zombie apocalypse on Thursday
(Happy Halloween!)
Okay, not quilty, but still important

Which brings us!

Tomorrow I will work on my log cabin quilt @ the library...I am determined to finish that thing! It's been on the back burner long enough.

We hope to capitalize on foot traffic generated by a craft sale down the street, attracting people to our show with signage. Visitors may even decide to buy a raffle ticket, or two! (Prizes are on display)

Try, Learn, Grow!