The Hanging

My guild jokingly refers to our annual quilt show as "the hanging" (said with dramatic emphasis & arched eyebrow). I always get a quick chuckle from the dark humour of it, and it seems I'm not the only one. The moniker has stuck.

I hung out (ha, hung out!) at the show on Saturday, chatting with a steady stream of visitors & working on my log cabin project.

My Mom joined me and spent the day sewing as well. We managed to share a few good laughs, interest some folks in guild activities, and sell 50+ raffle tickets.

A few more shots from the show:

Shonna's Halloween quilt

Carol's chickens! (Carol S - not me)

Hildegard's log cabin

Aralee's lively wall hanging

My bees

Margaret's stratavarious daisy
Tonight is our show opening. Invitations have been sent, and preparations made. Time to have fun!

See you at The Hanging!


  1. Snow! Sorry, not going out tonight.... :(
    Enjoy the opening!

    1. Too bad the snow decided to fall tonight, but we had a good turnout despite the weather. We made enough racket, talking & laughing, to draw library patrons up to the top floor to enjoy the show, too!

  2. Carole, I thoroughly enjoyed this sneak a peek of your upcoming "the hanging".

    1. Thanks Alberta! We are a tiny guild, but every year we manage to fill the gallery to overflowing with quilts. The library offered us an annual spot because our show is so well received by the community. We are pretty thrilled to be able to "strut our stuff"!


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