Lily's Quilts: Fresh Sewing Day and Small Blog Meet

Thanks to my friend Margaret for leading the way into the world of blogging!

Following her example, I've linked up with
Lily's Quilts: Fresh Sewing Day and Small Blog Meet

It has been great fun hopping around and reading other linked blogs. If you have a couple of hours to spare, check them out!

Unlike Margaret, I haven't been able to add the "Small Blog Meet" button...yet.

There may be a technical glitch that requires the help of a son (I have two very capable young men who help me at times like this).

Or it could just be me.

The button will be a shortcut to the list of linked blogs, so will be worth the trouble of figuring it out.

Next up...

Preparing to make a Kool Kaleidoscope a la Ricky Tims. The book I ordered hasn't yet arrived, so I'm working "blind", but I'm willing to live with the result. It will be a learning experience, if nothing else!

These are the fabrics I've elected to work with, darkest to lightest. I don't need to lay them out that way, but it is a great exercise in judgement.

The kaleidoscope will either sparkle and shine, or be a total disaster...yikes!

A quick snapshot in black and white tells the truth. Very educational.

P.S. I've since "ditched" the one in the middle with all the stark white bits.
Time again to Try, Learn, Grow!



  1. I love the "try, learn, grow!" mantra. That's great! Nice job with the blck and white photograph. You were spot on with your gradient!!

  2. I like how you selected your fabrics. I also use the gray-scale trick too, but when I can't, I just squint (like at the store or something), it help too.

    1. You are right about the squinting - a very handy trick.

  3. beautiful palette of colors!


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