Making Space

(Kaleido strip sets, ready to go)
Release is my guiding word for 2014.
Today, I've applied it to my sewing room by releasing stuff.

The kind of stuff that takes over your space and clogs it up. It does the same thing in your head. Even when you are nowhere near it, you know it's there. 

Surrounded and overwhelmed

This morning I awoke and thought, "Enough!"


I dragged everything portable out of my sewing room & into our family room. Large pieces of furniture, and the flotsam that exists on top of said furniture, were left in place.

Our poor family room is held hostage once again!

I've started piles:
  • Garbage
  • Give away
  • Keep and return to sewing room for immediate use
  • Keep, but store elsewhere in the house
Sifting through every cupboard, shelf and drawer was an emotional journey.

Should I keep my Grandma's knitting magazines? I don't knit (very well). They are not valuable. They are "vintage", but looking at them doesn't make my heart sing. The fashions are out of date.

Even so, parting with them gave me pause.


Allow these things to shine where they will be appreciated.

Tomorrow I will check with the museum to see if they are interested in acquiring them.

Space has been created to hold the things that serve me better.

Tomorrow I'll sift through the piles on my desk and table, and revamp the bulletin boards to make them inspiring once again.

I found the floor!
My vacuum gave the dust mites quite a fright, I'm sure.

My wonderful husband will also help me raise the table top to counter height so my rolling drawers will fit underneath. I can't wait!

With any luck I'll be moved back in on Wednesday, clutter-free!

Releasing the things that get in the way is making more room for me to
Try, Learn, Grow!



  1. I love that idea....release. I try to release things, but they always seem to find their way home, LOL. I admire your determination and wish you the best!

  2. Oooh, I know what you mean...that darn boomerang effect! Thank you for dropping in and sending good wishes my way.

  3. Carole you are such an inspiration. I too am going through my She Cave and passing along that which I am no longer enthused about. My word for 2014 is REDUCE. Feeling great about my progress to date in all aspects of my world!

    1. Sounds like you are on a mission, too!
      "She Cave" - Lol - I like it!


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