Much better! 

My scrap bins now fit under my table. Raising the table top to counter height makes my back happier, too.

My scraps are sorted by colour and stored in drawers.

Here's my hunky love raising the table top.

Room, refreshed!

Bulletin board disaster zone.

Calm and happy

Paused to attach a sleeve so I could hang this piece (tree, shown below) on my wall.
My beautiful, Korean thimble fits like a glove!

Keepsakes, books, inspirational items, television, storage, happily organized and accessible!

As soon as my room was in order, I had to sew something!

In 2010 I had a "starter" (home version) longarm system that I didn't know how to use, so I found a teacher and took a class. 

In that class I'd worked on a sample. The sample was sent home with me after class. It's been stuffed in a cupboard ever since because I didn't know what else to do with it.

Time to move it along!

Edges are zig zagged so I can give it to my grand-puppies to make their kennel more comfortable.
It felt sooo good to get that out of my space and released into the world!

Hmm, what else can be stitched up quickly & released? 

Leftover blocks from the Guild raffle quilt will become a quick charity quilt.

Until next time,

Try, Learn, Grow! (and have fun!)


  1. Love your creativity room! Am tweaking mine for a fresher and calmer feel.

    1. I'd love to see your "She Cave"! Will you post some pictures on FB?

  2. Love your room and your "new" table.

  3. Aren't we lucky to have our guys!!! I have to have a higher table I'm 5'10".Bet that bulliten board makeover feels good! It's been so fun getting a peek into everyone's creative spaces this week!! So glad we met through the GYB EVENT!

  4. I had missed this. I loved the peek into your sewing room. :)


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