Library Project Update: Slicing & Dicing

The brown yardage I had for backing my Scrappy Plus quilt was far too narrow. To enlarge it, I'd decided to insert a panel of floating plus signs. It was a good idea, but I then had to slice six inches off the entire length of brown yardage to harvest enough fabric to finish the stinkin' panel.

Of course, this made my backing too narrow again. Of. course.

Inserting a six-inch strip of scrappy piecing solved that problem. This piecing was actually fun! Random bits left over from the front of the quilt went together fairly quickly.

Six-inch strip to be inserted.

Eventually I cobbled together a backing large enough to use!!!

Piecing the backing

Now it's time to link up with Adrienne for the Library Project Quilt Along February Report at Chezzetcook Modern Quilts, so I will drag out the following photo one last time for folks just tuning in. 

Library Project Quilt Along, scrappy plus quilt:

In this photo, vertical rows are sewn, but not joined.
I've since finished piecing the top, and now that the backing is (finally) ready I can get on with the quilting! I have a lovely feather panto that should work nicely.

I don't yet have a plan for the binding. I'm taking this one challenge at a time.

To see all my Library Project Quilt Along goals, click here.

At the beginning of February I'd set some additional goals for myself.  

How have I done, so far? 

1. Release piles of magazines CHECK!
Magazines have been distributed to other quilters - filing into binders is still in progress.

2. Finish "Not Your Grandmother's Log Cabin" quilt CHECK!

3. Finish at least one small project from my "clean up" bin CHECK, CHECK, CHECK!
Today I tackled three of them.

This "Barbie" pillow for my granddaughter only needed the finishing stitches to close it up.
It took 5 minutes, if that.

I adopted this little bear when his previous owner lost interest in finishing him.
He came with enough fabric to make ears.

He finished up pretty cute!

My own project, abandoned when I lost interest.

It only took an hour to finish him!
4. Work on Scrappy Plus quilt. IN PROGRESS! Just quilting and binding left.

I can't wait to see what my March goals will be! 
(It's always a surprise to me, too!)

These characters grabbed my attention when I stopped by the museum to sign over ownership of my grandmother's vintage knitting magazines and patterns. Aren't they interesting? Hand carved masks.

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Try, Learn, Grow!


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  1. You have been busy!! The bears finished up adorably!! Love the not your grandmother's log cabin quilt!! Beautifully done!! And the backing for your plus quilt? Simply awesome!! :)

    1. Thanks so much!
      I love the "personalities" bears take on once their ears are added, and am happy with my quilty progress, for sure.

  2. You've had a very productive month! Can't wait to see your quilt all finished : )

    1. :) Thanks! The quilt is on the frame now, so it won't be long before it's done...whew.

  3. Wow, you've been keeping busy. I love what your plus quilt back has evolved into.

    1. Thanks, Emma! I'm pretty happy with it now that it's finally done. I haven't tried a backing with that many seams on my long arm before, so here's hoping it quilts up nicely!

  4. Look at your busy lady! I love that plus quilt and how fun to see those stuffed babies come to life in your photos!

    1. I almost feel like I'm catching up with my projects...almost! The bears really do come to life, don't they? I'm glad I'm not the only one to think so. Thanks for popping over, Adrienne.

  5. Your brown quilt back is absolutely wonderful!! It's a good thing you didn't have enough brown (twice!) or it wouldn't have been nearly so cool.

    1. Thanks! You are absolutely right about that! Sometimes thing work out for the best when they start out the worst. :)


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