Kaleido Quilt Show!

Goal # 3 from my March goals list was to piece a Kool Kaleidoscope quilt top and, thanks to a weekend workshop, I'm half way there!

Goal # 4 on the list was to "clean instead of quilt" so I could host the visiting workshop teacher without hanging my head in shame.

I'm happy to say, mission accomplished. In fact, I got a bit carried away and washed a number of walls, windows, and curtains in the name of spring cleaning while I was at it. All on a deadline. All at the last minute. Crazy, right?

I have made zero progress on quilting Irish Lass, but at least I have a clean house (yay!) and a partially pieced kaleidoscope!

My Kaleidoscope

On day one we had taped our "design walls" around the room. My tape had stuck firmly to the wall, but secretly didn't like the fuzzy batting I'd used, so...

...on day two of the workshop I found my project in a heap on the floor. *Le sigh*

After the rescue, I pinned each piece to the batting. I wasn't going to chance having to put that monkey puzzle back together again!

Five out of twelve sections are pieced, but not yet joined to each other.
The look changes with each step along the way.

I know it will change again when the twelve sections are joined into a whole.

The green in the very center will be lost when I trim the sections to size, and other small bits of colour may disappear into seam allowances.

Resistance is futile!

The result of this process is not predictable, but it will be beautiful nonetheless. 

It's a Kaleido Show!

Eighteen quilters, eighteen kaleidoscopes!

There were many design decisions along the way, with each person creating her own pattern within the technique, so each kaleido is 100% unique!

My Mom's piece is looking zippy!

Hildegard's design wall was taped over a window creating a gorgeous glow!

I think Liz made this one - it has a lacy effect thanks to the light coming through from behind.
Judy's in rich earth tones.
Even with several chunks missing, it is easy to see how Carol's work is shaping up.
Nikki's is pretty in pink.
I think this is Vivian's - more window glow!
Aralee's pops!
Chris' kaleido sparkles.

Auditioning fabric choices for  "butts and wedgies"
(Alice, is this yours?)
I'm not certain who made this one... Jill? Shonna?

I'm pretty sure this is Darlene's.
The yellow makes it so lively!
Mary Lou's includes fabric from Thailand!

Friends, if your kaleidoscope is not pictured here it is for one of two reasons:
  1. You left before I thought to get out my camera, or
  2. My photo of your work sucked!
    In my haste to capture them all, some of my photos were blurry. Others had "people parts" blocking the shot as folks were actively working while I snapped away.
Hopefully we will eventually have finished quilts to photograph so I can catch the ones I missed.

Many thanks to Kim Caskey of Edmonton for visiting our Guild and teaching this FUN-TASTIC workshop!

After my crazy cleaning binge, and the intensive nature of the kaleido workshop, I'm too exhausted to quilt! I just need a day to curl up and rest, and then I'll be back at it, full speed ahead!!!

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  1. Thanks so much, I was hoping to see some show and tell from the weekend! All gorgeous of course!

    1. Welcome home! The class was fun and productive, and all the kaleidos are eye catching. Everyone did great work!

  2. Nice to see all the pictures of your workshop efforts, very inspiring! There is nothing like impending company to spur on a cleaning binge, is there? I'm impressed to see you completing your goals Carol

    1. Thanks, Marsha. I am meeting some of my goals, but I think I might need an extension this month. Scratch that - WILL need an extension! Oh, well, at least I'm making progress, right?

  3. Thanks for posting the photos Carole! The different designs are awesome! Hope you were able to catchup on your rest. I know I was pooped too!! You did an awesome job on coordinating the classes, dinner and getting Kim here. Thanks so much for all you do! You are one fantastic woman!

    1. Well, thanks Judy! My pleasure. I'm happy that everyone has such gorgeous work to continue...the kaleidos really are awesome. What a great class! I'm glad you could join us for this one. Maybe you will have yours done in time for the Nov show in the gallery?

  4. Wow those are amazing! Great job to everyone.

    1. Thanks, Kris. It was so much fun to do this as a group and see all the wonderfulness unfold!

  5. Unbelievable. They are amazing. Oh no, now I have another project to add to my bucket list. What is it you said "resistance is futile".

    1. Ha ha! Yes, resistance IS futile! Might as well just add it on to your list and smile all the while! :) :)

  6. What a wonderful array! It is amazing to see each of these pieces and how different they are.... And yet the same! Congratulations on your success in the cleaning and the hosting. You deserve a rest!

    1. Well, the cleaning has stopped again, so no need to panic! (hee hee) Just quilting going on here today, I promise. Too bad a clean house deteriorates so quickly...boo. Yes, it was fascinating to see the kaleidos unfold in class. As you say, it is a wonderful array!

  7. These look fantastic. I have commented more than once about how I love the various points of view that each quilt artist has. I've found it here online and we can even see it in the groups that gather for events like the one you've so beautifully showcased here. I will have to begin a better search to find something like this locally to join up with. Thank you for sharing. Perhaps you can tell us more about how these were designed and put together?

    1. Yes, they are spectacular. We used Ricky Tims' Kool Kaleidoscope technique, and his book by the same name was our "textbook". We started by using freezer paper to make patterns, and had made strip sets prior to class so we could jump right in and start cutting kaleidoscope sections almost immediately. It was exciting to watch as kaleidos bloomed around the room! RT's book shows things much better than I ever could since I neglected to take process photos as I worked. I'm usually so good about taking pictures, but this time it slipped my mind as I focused on not screwing up!

      I hope you find a group of like minded folk where you live. If you can't find a group, why not start one? Maybe there are others in your area wishing the same thing?

      Thanks for your insightful comment. Gather a group and unique results are practically guaranteed!

  8. oh my GOODNESS!! All of these are absolutely fantastic! so impressive!

    Thanks so much for showing this off at Needle and Thread Thursday!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  9. Oh my...each one of these are a kaleidoscope of ingenious pattern and colour!! They are each and every one, gorgeous!!


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