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Remember how I've been on a fabric diet for almost a year?  
(I started well before I made the Fabriholics Anonymous pledge in January)

Remember how I recently won a gift certificate from Fabric Spot?

Fabric Spot!   Wheeeeeeeee!!!!!!

My pretties came in the mail today!

Honeycrisp in floral cream, rings in cream, & rings in brown, and Piper Scallop in green.
2 yards, total.

To make the postage worthwhile, I had to add a couple more treats to the package! (It would have been silly not to, right?)

I couldn't resist Hoodies Goldfish in white
one fat quarter
(In case you think I was showing restraint, not so. A f/q was all they had in stock.)

Remember flip books? This is my version, showing a few of the fabrics hidden in my new charm pack!

Lush Uptown Charm Pack


While at Sparrow Studioz for Judi Madsen's workshop I picked up a handful of Glide thread, which I like using in my long arm.

Glide thread

I also grabbed three more pantographs to add to my collection:

Time for more Judi Madsen eye candy!


Metallic thread!

We learned how to quilt these floating shapes.

Fun fillers!

 So cool!

On another note, flooding put a damper on our Guild meeting last week:

This is the parking lot of the church where we meet. At this point, water had been gushing out of an underground creek and into the streets for half an hour. Water poured into the downtown core for approximately six hours, so you can imagine the state of this building by then.

The church basement where we meet was under water.
It is a heritage building and the roof is currently being restored.
Good grief.

This is the street (trust me, it's under there) and the park directly across from the church.
The water kept rising for another five and a half hours after I took this picture.

The name of this street is "River Road".
Yes, really.
So named because it runs parallel to the mighty Peace, not because it occasionally turns into one.

Pat's Creek runs under the streets of town, normally draining into the Peace River (around which our town was built). This year an ice jam blocked the culvert it flows through, so nature found another path...above ground. A number of businesses have been affected, a few homes and vehicles, our live theater hall, and the church. Clean up is already in progress, and people are striving to get back to business as usual.

The same creek caused grief in a different area of town last year after behaving quite nicely since the seventies.

We collectively hold our breath every spring, hoping the Peace, the Heart, and the Smoky Rivers break up without a hitch, but nobody ever thinks of the quiet little creek becoming a threat. (Some of us even forgot it existed until last year!)

How did the water recede? 

The Peace was not an immediate threat, so the Town crew dug a hole in the dike that protects us from that waterway. It was like pulling a giant plug. All that remained was MUD and debris.
(The dike has since been repaired)

Meeting, cancelled! (Glub)

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  1. Your new acquisitions are your reward for keeping with your pledge. I love the goldfish. My heart broke when I saw the photos of the flooding. I hope it recedes quickly and that no one gets hurt.

    1. The water has drained away and folks are in clean up mode. Nobody was hurt, but there was a lot of damage to property. Repairs to the church basement are in progress. They had to cut away the drywall (and insulation) half way up the walls and remove all of the lower kitchen cabinets. All will be well in the end, but what a mess to contend with.

  2. All your new pretties are sweet. I especially loved the goldfish! And that quilting? All such wonders of inspiration. Incredible! The river.... Not good. Hope things will soon be cleaned up and that everyone will pull together to overcome. Your town is in my prayers, Carole!

  3. Me tooo! I LOVE the goldfish! It was so exciting to choose a few fabrics after resisting for so long. Still staying strong, though it's a challenge at times. Thanks for your concern about us, Lorna. The town will recover from this flood as it has from many others over the years. Thankfully most homes are out of the flood zone, but I sure feel sorry for the business owners.

  4. Your candy from Fabric Spot - YUMMMEEEE1 I have a pile of Lush Uptown I am working with now and love it! so sorry about the flooding, thinking of you and your community as things hopefully get back to normal soon!

    1. I'm beyond thrilled to have won that gift certificate and have a little "cheat" on my fabric fast! Thanks so much for your part in making that happen, Adrienne! The flooding is a set back for people, but the recovery is well under way. :-)


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