Crazy 'bout Curves!

A number of years ago I discovered Crazy Curves templates by Elisa's Backporch Design...and went crazy with them, making quilt after quilt!

I developed a workshop, and the technique became popular here. It really is a marvelous thing to sew curves that fit together perfectly with no need to clip. It also doesn't hurt that a twin sized quilt can be rotary cut and ready to piece in sixteen minutes! (True story, using the 7" templates).

The larger blocks were made using the 7 inch templates, and the smaller ones were made using the 3.5 inch set.

The sample stayed at the quilt shop for years, only seeing the light of day when we would schedule another workshop. It was handy to be able to show the seams, so it was never quilted.

Last year the quilt shop owner retired and, before closing the shop, had a sample sale. Since I'd made it, I was particularly fond of this sample. I snapped it up as soon as it hit the rack.

It's finally time to load it up!

When I first started long arm quilting I learned to baste the edges of a quilt top by wiggling on and off the fabric. Doing so helps control excess fabric at the edge of the quilt, and the quilt also lies flatter when it comes off the frame.

Honestly, it didn't seem to make a difference when using pantographs, so I got out of the habit. Straight stitching is faster, so that's what I started doing.

"Wiggle" stitches baste the top in place
The last couple of quilts I've done for myself have been super densely stitched. I'd basted with a straight stitch. There is a difference. The straight stitches did not "shrink up" like the rest of the quilt, so the edges wanted to wave.

Wiggle stitches allow the fabric to remain flexible so the edges will "shrink" as quilting becomes denser. Back to wiggle stitching for me!

Caught an evening ray of sunshine coming in the window!

On Facebook, Matt Sparrow (Sparrow Studioz) showed a circle quilt featuring a fantastic quilting design, so I shamelessly poached the idea for my quilt! (Thanks, Matt!)

This design quilted up quickly. I can see where I would pay more attention next time, but - good golly - I'm just happy this UFO is almost finished!

Spotted on my way to the Gnome House today:

Shrubbery in bloom

Apple blossom 1

Apple blossom 2

I love my backyard commute in the spring!

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  1. 7 minutes to cut fabric for a twin size quilt? Awesome - cutting and prep is pretty much my least favorite part of quilting! I like your tip about the wiggle stitching on the edges of the quilt. I don't have a longarm but have sent quilts out on occasion and noticed that different people baste them differently. :)

  2. Carole, this is a beautiful quilt (very partial to curves, LOVE them!) and your quilting is amazing! It is so cool to watch you grow as a quilter!

  3. Again I learn something new from you: I have just loaded my first quilt into the machine and wondered why to wiggle. In my case it won't matter as I'm going to quilt this first one loosely, but it's good to know that for later! Your feathers are beautilful - I'm exited to see the quilt when it is finished!

  4. I recently found your blog and I have learned so much from you. Your blog is different from most others and it fills a gap in the longarm arena. I've had trouble basting down my edges and I had tried wiggling, but moved on to using a ruler. Now I know the advantages of wiggling, I think I'll go back and give that another try. Thank you so much.

  5. We grow fond of the quilts we make, don't we? Had to smile when you said you snatched up the one you made! Lovely quilting on it. Have you ever tried to do just a basting stitch along the edges? That allows for some 'give' too. Your floral photos are excellent, too!

  6. I'm also partial to curves. I absolutely love your colour combinations and the quilting, as usual, takes it to the next level.


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