Quilting, Cats, and Humble Pie

This yellow and black beauty filled my ten-foot frame without an inch to spare. Even a quarter-inch would have been too much!

103" x 115"
It ate up almost two thousand meters of thread!

"Petal Pushers" panto by Urban Elementz
This is the biggest quilt I've ever tackled.

Taking it off the frame after quilting.
I think it turned out beautifully!

And what a great colour combo.

Fresh off the Frame!
It's going to be a graduation gift for Jay's niece. I think it's a super nice gift!
Ignoring the fact that we are almost the same age, I asked if Jay would be my Auntie.... but she said no.
Can't blame a girl for trying, though, right?

After all that quilting, I felt like baking. 

Pinterest yielded a tempting Blueberry Streusel Muffin recipe, so I dove right in. The berries bled when I mixed them into the batter, turning it a pretty purple!

Ready for the oven.

Ready for the taste buds!
These are THE BESTEST blueberry muffins EVER! If you feel like trying the recipe, you can find it at Sally's Baking Addiction. That Sally knows her stuff! Scrumptious!

Now, How 'Bout Some Humble Pie?

As I was browsing Pinterest yesterday, I came across a pin of Irish Lass...MY Irish Lass!!! Someone had visited my blog and pinned one of my quilts! It was such a surprise to see it there, and I felt quite honoured.

For a minute.

Until a friend pointed out that her stupid cat pictures get re-pinned all the time....Ha!

Still, I'm pleased that someone thought enough of my work to want to save it. :-) And, of course cat pictures get re-pinned. Isn't that what the internet is for?

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  1. That IS Beautiful Quilting! and so much thread, phew amazing.

  2. Carole, this is a beauty! Wonderful quilting as usual! I want to be her niece too!! haha

  3. Gourgeous quilt with fabulous quilting! I guess we all would like to "adopt" such an aunt ;)

  4. Wow, do you mind telling us how long it took to quilt something that long with 2,000 meters of thread? It is stunning; I love that color combination, too!

  5. Another beauty!
    I felt the same way when I found my hexies had been pinned from my blog, great feeling isn't it?
    I tried clicking on your "I'm Featured" button at the top of your blog and found it wasn't clickable :(

  6. Wow--your quilt is looking just terrific, and the quilting is spectacular! Jay has a very lucky niece!

  7. I'm not sure what looks more delicious that quilt or that muffin! Wonderful work on that quilt.

  8. Wow, that quilt is so big and it's just gorgeous. It's one of my favorite color combos. So glad you provided the link for the muffins. My son and I went to a farm yesterday to pick some blueberries and I wanted to make some muffins. Perfect timing, thank you!

  9. That quilt is lovely, and the quilting is fantastic!

  10. Gee Carole, the quilting is simply lovely, such a pretty pattern. Such a great gift and makes the hard work of studying well rewarded, I'm sure Jays niece will love it. My friend Peta was recently in Alberta and she bought me back some gorgeous batik fabric she'd purchased at 'Quilting from the heart'...am yet to work out what I'll make with it, but it is lovely....

  11. The quilting of that big beauty is fantastic, Carole. And those muffins do look very yummy! Great photos of each. Cats are cute... But your Irish Lass certainly deserves to get pinned! Congratulations!

  12. A very pretty quilt and love that quilting design! I remember the first time I saw my quilts on pintrest-it's awesome isn't it, LOL
    Ya get this big ole grin on your face that won't leave, hehe

  13. I love the color combination, and I think the quilting really looks awesome

  14. This is a gorgeous quilt. It's a beautiful balance of black and yellow, which is not always easy to do. Those look like yummy....yummy muffins.


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