The ABC's of Feeding the Soul


I spent quite a bit of time with this piece, but forgot to note the title and artist's name.

During my recent visit to the  Art Gallery of Alberta, I tried to pay close attention to how I interacted with the artwork. What makes certain pieces captivating?
  • What drew me in for a closer look? What did I skim past?
  • If something was ugly or trivial (in my view), did I still want to spend time with it?
  • How did the artist successfully give voice to a concept? 
  • What was memorable? Why?
  • Which pieces did I spend the most time with? Why?

"SSSSSSSS", Greg Payce, 2000
Exploring the imagery created in negative space. Cool, hey?

"To Touch", an installation by Janet Cardiff, 1993
Move your hands over the table to activate the installation.
This was a fascinating experience! I loved it.
Having time to ponder + an idea-rich environment = soul, fed.

Baking & Berries

Rhubarb raspberry, and lemon meringue - double yum!
I thought saskatoon pie would be a great idea, too, so I grabbed some family and headed to the berry farm.

Picking saskatoons on a glorious summer day.
Berries were clustered like grapes...we picked by the handful!

On our way home we decided to visit Harmon Valley Park. It's been YEARS since my last visit, and I'd forgotten almost everything about it. 

My granddaughter was excited to find possibly the tallest slide in the World!

My six-foot son "spotted" my granddaughter on the 14 foot ladder!
What goes UP must come DOWN!
The zen of baking + berries + summer fun = soul, fed.
Creative Messes

Low immersion dyeing
T-shirt for grandson

T-shirt for granddaughter
Fun project + (grand)children = soul, fed.

I feel revived.

What feeds your soul?

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  1. These are some lovely pictures! I recharge batteries while being home alone. I also like to do nothing at all and watch some stupid tv shows which can totally shut off my brain, lol.

  2. Wow, "SSSSSSSS" by Greg Payce really speaks to me. I recharge by taking baths and reading. I don't always get to a chance to sneak in that time, but when I do I really feel better afterwards.

  3. You had fun! Great photos. I enjoy trying to find something interesting in each piece of art. Making myself focus helps me learn and remember.

  4. Thanks for sharing the artwork. That stuff was pretty neat!

    Pies look yummy, and I love the colors of the tie dye. Good stuff.

  5. Gorgeous photos, and they really do look like food for the soul. I love the negative space one and that slide looks great!

  6. What a fun post, Carole! Looks like you are enjoying your summer and your family times. Those pies made my mouth water! Thanks so much for sharing!

  7. The act of creating, feeds my soul. As does connecting with other artists and seeing their work. I'd love to live close to a gallery. I would have gotten lost in the first piece, as well. Pies, slides and tye-dyes...oh my. Thanks for all the inspiration.


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