A Lovely Year of Finishes - September Finish

Finishing the flimsy for my guild River Project Challenge was my September goal.
(see my goal setting post here)

One Inukshuk and forty five (million) tiny rocks later...ta-da!!!

This will be 18" x 36" when it's finished.

To my relief, all the bits and pieces look somewhat like rocks. *whew*

Wanna see how I work? It's a bit messy!

The lights are thrown onto my desk, and the mediums are thrown over the dark pile on my chair. I needed to move between tracing and ironing, so my chair wasn't missed.

Bright spots and shadows form each rock. My inspiration photo helped keep me on track, even though I wasn't directly copying it.

Now...how will I quilt it??? 
Yep. My brain will now keep me awake, night after night, imagining possibilities until something feels right.

Meanwhile, I've started working on this whimsical customer quilt. 

This already has the binding stitched onto the front. It is not tacked to the back, so I was able to flip it out and use it to load the quilt. 

Stitching in the ditch around the frames will help prevent puckers on the back.

I'm using a variety of fillers and lines behind the leaves. 

I may do the veins in a thicker, brighter thread so they can be seen. I think this is too timid for such a fun piece.

Speaking of pretty flowers...(ha! graceful transition, hey?)

Zephyr lily
I throw my pot of zephyr lilies outside in summer to cook in the heat on the south deck. When fall comes, I bring it back in and blooms appear like magic. The flowers are gorgeous! 

The bulbs came from my grandmother, and they only bloom once a year. It is always sweet (and a little sentimental) to see them unfold.

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  1. Congrats on meeting your goal. It looks so cool! Well done.

  2. Fantastic job! Is it all applique? Zephyr blooms are beautiful. I recently started using Clearly Perfect Angles. It rocks!

  3. Congratulations on the finished top. It is not as big as I imagined, making it even more impressive. It definitely looks like rocks and a lot like your inspiration photo. What ruler are you using on your longarm? I like the way it looks.

  4. Wow, the top is not nearly as large as I thought! I can tell you put a lot of time and effort into it and the effect and likeness to the photograph are amazing!

  5. Carole, that is amazing!! When I read your first post I thought, yeah, that would take me a year to do ;) and to see it all finished already? Incredible. Love the way you used the lights and darks and I think you nailed this one! So beautifully done!! I was going to ask about what that was on your machine. . . Clearly Perfect Angles? Going to have to look into that!!

    And your customer quilt. Oh man!! The quilt is beautiful but your quilting is putting the icing on the cake! Wow!

  6. Yes, you finished that quickly, my goodness! And it turned out so nice - well done! Love your customer's quilt, too. Did you stitch in the ditch around all the seams in the block?

  7. Hahaha, you work like I do!! And yes they do look like rocks, nice job!!

  8. wow the rocks are awesome, I love them!!!!

  9. Hello Carole,

    Yes they really do look like rocks - so realistic, I could tell from the tiny thumbnail on the link up what they were.

    Beautiful leaves quilt, such pretty feminine colours, just perfect with the pink lilies!

    Thank you for linking up with Free Motion Mavericks!

    Love, Muv

  10. Those rocks were completely worth it, they look great now.


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