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I was tagged for this hop by Kris at Sew Sunshine. If you've hopped over from her blog, welcome! If you haven't met Kris before, please click on the link and enjoy her story. Check out her 2014 quilts. She has had a productive year! And, don'tcha just l-o-v-e her sunny header?

The "Around the World" hop is like a giant chain winding through the blogosphere. Follow links backward to see who came before me in the chain, and then follow links forward to the people I tag and see what they write next week. It's a fun way to meet a whole thread of bloggers!

There are four questions to answer, so here goes! 

1. What am I working on?
Somehow I went from preparing teaching samples using scraps, to making a whole, dang quilt using the technique I'll be teaching! What can I say? The perfect combination of fabric beckoned, and I am weak...

I needed another project like I need another hole in my head, ya know? 

BUT, it feels use this fabric. It's been in my cupboard for years. I've already made one full-sized quilt from it, and have enough fabric left for at least two more. Apparently two meters of fabric goes a long way. If you buy ten different fabrics, that is!

I'm also attempting a free form quilt using some of my newly created hand dyes. It's one of my Library Project goals. I've sewn three strips together, so far. Yup. Moving right along. *eye roll*

To make myself feel better, I'll show you what I've just completed.

Kool Kaleidoscope (a Ricky Tims technique)

2. How does my work differ from others in its genre?
A quilt isn't finished unless I've used at least ten miles of thread!

Gorgeous texture!
If a project involves fabric made by my own hand, it's even better!
My own screen-printed fabric combined beautifully with commercial batiks and white broadcloth in Irish Lass.
My year-long fabric diet has challenged me to solve problems creatively.

Improv piecing a quilt back to "stretch" the brown fabric and make it fit!
My work reflects my personality and aesthetic sensibility. It is not about jumping on (any) bandwagon and following the crowd. Often, it is a vehicle for learning new skills. My "what if" attitude keeps me engaged! 

3. Why do I write/create what I do? 
I must. There is no question that I must create. Creation of beauty and comfort is part of my DNA, I think!

I understand fabric. The way it behaves, the way it feels in my fingers, its need for a delicate touch or a firm grip. Fabric is glorious in its acceptance of colour and texture, and its ease of manipulation is unsurpassed.

Quilting combines these elements into a delightful whole that allows for personal expression. 

Geese designed for a commissioned quilt

4. How does my writing/creating process work?
Does this sound familiar?
My goal this morning was to bind the butterfly quilt I just finished quilting. That's it. Sounds simple enough.
Downstairs I go.
Search out the fabrics I need for the binding. One is already washed, but the other isn't. It would be wasteful to wash one meter of fabric on its own. Throw in the "darks" I will use in another project.
Hmm, I only need to stitch a few more colours onto the poppy piece to finish the flowers. I might as well do something productive while the fabric is in the washer. Start stitching.
The phone rings. Leave the poppy piece under the needle. Walk by the design wall where a baby quilt is in progress. Rearrange the pieces as I chat with my Mom. Just need to cut a few more blocks to fill in the gaps I made by removing some fabric choices. Cut the blocks and put them on the wall.
Throw the fabric from the washer into the dryer. Might as well throw the light fabrics for the upcoming project into the washer, too.
Hang up the phone and go back to the poppies. Stitch the remaining flowers.
Fabric is dry enough to iron. Iron the meter of fabric I will use for the binding (my original goal). Iron the 8 meters of dark fabrics I threw in.
Cut the binding strips I need. Make the binding.
The light fabrics I've washed are now ready to iron. Iron another 6 or 8 meters of fabric

Stop to help with supper preparations.
FINALLY stitch the binding onto the quilt. Two rounds of stitching (all done by machine) and my original goal has been met.
It took me ALL DAY to get the binding on to the quilt!

It's a true story!!!  
This describes an actual day in my life. Now, imagine it on repeat. 
That's my creative process!

I always have several projects on the go, all at different stages of completion. Ideas for more projects are listed in a journal. The list is never-ending. As things are completed, more ideas are added. I am never, ever bored!

At the top of this page there are tabs you can click to see more of my work. Please click around using the Labels or Archive in my side bar, too! 

If you've stuck with me this far, thanks a million! 

Gratuitous flower shot!

On Monday, September 8th you will see Around the World posts by:

Hannele at Patchwork Heaven in Finland. Hannele does beautiful quilting on both her domestic machine, and her new Avante longarm. Her posts are bilingual, with English second. There is also a translate option in her side bar if you'd like to read her blog archive.

Margaret at Pieces of My Heart in Canada. Margaret mixes quilting, knitting, and life. It's always interesting to see what she is up to! Look for the "Hexie-Aholic" post in her July 2014 archive. Her hexies are gorgeous and unique!

My third tag is YOU! If you haven't been tagged, consider this an invitation!

If you decide to play along, link back to me as the person who tagged you, answer the four questions, and then tag three others to play along the next week. If you can't pass it on, do your post anyway and let it drop. It's okay. This is supposed to be fun!

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  1. You're doing very well indeed if you can accomplish the one thing you set out to do that day. Your creative process works. I'm intrigued by the Canada Geese quilt....

  2. You are funny! Thank you for making me smile!

  3. Wow your August finish is a beauty!!! Your quilting it just so so lovley! I can't wait to see some of that improve (I have looked at that book and love the look of that kind of piecing). And love to see your hand dyed fabric used. I can see that even though it took you a day to bind you did so much. Those other projects will just fly by. :) Thanks for doing the blog hop!

  4. I loved reading this post. I completely understand the NEED to create. I feel it too.

  5. I'm like you - always have several going at one time. I was tagged by Karen last week so this week it's my turn. You've said it much better. It's fun learning about so many quilters this way. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Carole, do you remember when I said I was so impressed by you? Well I am in Awe after reading this and seeing more of your work! Not just your work... Your writing is Beautiful too! It is very hard sometimes to put into words why we quilt. You said it so well!

  7. That was a lovely post and a wonderful opportunity to get to know you even better. I love your quilts.....actually I'm amazed by your work but it's the way you write that really hooked me. Thanks for being open, honest and having a darn good sense of humour. It's been a pleasure following along on your journey.

  8. My work process is similar to yours. I am constantly drawn away by something else. A little ADD, perhaps??
    So much so that I'm often thinking about the "hereafter." As in, "Now, what did I come here after?" Perhaps that's a sign of age too? Age and ADD. Not a good mix.

  9. I'm happy to meet you! Your description of a typical day has left me breathless. Flitting from one "urgent" project to another is something I recognise, but you manage to produce beautiful works of art in the process.

  10. My day would be a lot like yours if I didn't have to work. During the week I sew a little every night and then cram in as much as I can on Friday and Saturday nights. I NEVER get bored either. After seeing your Kool Kaledioscopes, I bought the book. I haven't yet made one, but I WILL! Your work is absolutely stunning!

  11. Lovely to read more about you, but get on with some more of that hand dyed quilt please, I want to see it finished!

  12. Glad to meet you! I love your Irish Chain quilt, it looks like your into a bit of everything. it all looks beautiful, great work


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