"The Dog Ate My Homework", and Other Excuses

On day two of picking, the vacuum ate my seam ripper. 
Slurped it right off the quilt top along with the threads I wanted gone! 

I just shook my head and hoped it wasn't an indication of how my whole day would go.

Customer quilt on the frame

I had a spare ripper so couldn't really exercise the "dog/homework" excuse, but it did cross my mind. It would have been sweet relief to play hooky from my ripping marathon.

Many hours later the roses were gone and I was able to replace them with a swirlier design, better able to handle areas of excess fabric.

I finished the quilt (yay!!!) before heading to the city for another appointment. This time a micropigmentation specialist tattooed an areola on my new breast. One more session and my reconstruction will be 100% complete! Closure, at last.

Read about the first surgery here.
See the result of the second surgery at the end of this post.

"But I've Been Working So Hard, I Deserve It" (a fabulous spending excuse!)

The Edmonton Creative Stitches show was on while I was there, so of course I HAD to go. 
And then I HAD to shop!

My haul.
I bought TWO new seam rippers, just in case...

Thanks to this excuse, my fabric fast is officially shattered! 

Four metres of gorgeous South Korean fabric came home with my son this summer, but nothing in my stash would do it justice. So. Even though I didn't have the Korean fabric with me, I decided to purchase something to put with it. What could possibly go wrong?? Ha!

Luckily, I like what I chose. It was terribly difficult to get a good picture (the Korean fabric is super shiny), but this gives a sense of things, I suppose. I found several dark blues and neutrals to work in, too, but they are not in the photo. Gotta keep something for later, right?

The two blue fabrics are from South Korea.

I've been eyeing the Quick Curve Ruler and patterns by Sew Kind of Wonderful for a year. They were easy to resist when they were just an idea, but once I had them in hand, I was a gonner! 

Quilts of Valour sold block kits. I brought one home and made it up right away so it wouldn't be neglected or forgotten. Now that it's made, I am to write the name of my community on it and mail it in. Blocks will be gathered and made into quilts, providing "hugs from across Canada" for wounded soldiers.

And finally, "I Lost Track of Time" (the perfect dawdling excuse!)

Who wouldn't lose track of time at a fibre arts show??? Just LOOK at these pieces from the "Prairie 2014" show put on by the Focus on Fibre Art Association!

Detail of a piece called, "Prairie City", by Monika Kinner-Whalen
"Mosquito Country", by Judy Weiss
Detail of "Prairie Dreamscape", by Charis Ng

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  1. I'm so happy that the reconstruction is almost done. It will be wonderful to finally be able to focus on the future and all the good things I know it's going to offer you. Thanks for the photos of the fibre show and doing a block for Quilts of Valour. I know what it's like to hear about a new product and then find yourself holding it in your hands. I just came home with a 20.5 " ruler.

  2. Really like the detail on the Prairie City and those sheep are amazing. Glad you got to replace your seam ripper! I couldn't manage a day sewing without mine!

  3. Beautiful fibre art, and I definitely think you deserved some retail therapy after all that ripping! Looking forward to seeing your new curved piecing.

  4. I just found this. THANK YOU! I made Prairie City. I'm so glad you liked it enough to blog about it! Mosquito country is great, isn't it! ? :)

    Monika www.MySweetPrairie.ca

  5. I just found this. THANK YOU! I made Prairie City. I'm so glad you liked it enough to blog about it! Mosquito country is great, isn't it! ? :)

    Monika www.MySweetPrairie.ca


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