Canadian Quilters Connect!

"Blogathon Canada" kicks off today at Sew Sisters Quilt Shop

For a whole week, connect with 100's of Canadian bloggers, enter giveaways, and maybe even make a few new friends. (Find the links to a multitude of bloggers in the Host bloggers' posts).

Click the button and begin your journey in British Columbia.

Sew Sisters Blog

Visit the hop daily to see where it takes you next!

Hoar frost on my lilac.

Remember to poke around in older posts and look through galleries while you're cruisin' around!

For example, you can see my current finishes, and some of my own designs by clicking these links, or you can snoop around my blog using the archive or labels in my side bar.

Also, this link takes you to a post of important what kind of machines I use, and what kind of goofball I am! :-P

Now, go hop...and whatever you do, have fun!!!

Try, Learn, Grow!

P.S. What is quilting without chocolate, I ask???

It is so DANGEROUSLY good!!!


  1. That shoe is incredible, and your frost looks amazing too. I shall go and enjoy browsing lots of Canadian quilters now!

  2. my sister brought me chocolates sausages from europe one year

  3. Hi! That chocolate looks awesome! Stopping in on Blogathon Canada. :)

  4. Oooh! Shoes and chocolate! Can there be anything better!!!

  5. Fun pics and that frost looks just awesome!


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