A Lovely Year of Finishes, December Goal

My December goal for A Lovely Year of Finishes is exactly the same as my November goal. Even though I've made a good effort, I'm forced to carry over my plan to finish piecing a quilt top using 'Hug Mug' blocks. (Where on earth did November go???)

Many different hands made these blocks, so naturally they vary in size. My first step has been to add fabric and square them up to make them all the same size.

The center blocks feature quite a bit of black, so I've framed them with a herringbone print to lighten things up. The next round has been framed in black (Ha! I know...but it's the only thing I have that works!), and I've used herringbone again for the final round of blocks (not shown). 

I plowed through a pile of framing and squaring on Saturday, chain piecing to speed things up. Twenty four blocks need their fourth side added, and then I'll be ready to put the top together. I'll figure out borders when I get that far...have to balance all that black!

This week I tried out one of my new pantographs, and I love it! This is K's first quilt, and I think it turned out beautifully. The shots of orange make it sing!

I also quilted another 3 meters of seasonal fabrics to make into 9 more table runners, but they have yet to be cut and bound. I'm inching toward meeting my goal of completing 18 runners for charity. (Six are already done and gone. Honestly, I might decide that 15 are enough.)

One of the quilted fabrics that will be made into runners.

On the frame today is a Buggy Barn butterfly quilt. Deep, whimsical feathers in the outside border will tie in with the filler planned for the butterflies. Loops in the purple border are a nod to the way butterflies flit in their dizzying dance. Grass and leaves add interest to the green border without being overpowering. Sometimes it's good to have a bit of breathing room.

Reassessing goals and allowing breathing space for myself is also a good thing. Extra time with a project is okay. Cutting back production is okay, too. 

Welcome, December.

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  1. I love the herringbone fabric on those blocks - it's going to be a lovely quilt!

  2. You have so much going on! I think your seasonal table runners are wonderful, and I am sure they will all be appreciated whether you get 15 or 18 done. I like the herringbone print you used to help balance out all the darks in your blocks, and it will be fun to see that quilt top come together!

  3. Adjusting goals to maintain balance is a great idea. I hope you'll show us more pictures of the butterfly quilt, too. :)

  4. I like that you didn't get your November goal completed simply because I have been way lax in doing anything of my own and when I see someone else falling short of their goals, I know I'm in good company (does that make sense?)! So I will set a goal today and make sure I get it done this month. Your black, red and white quilt is going to be gorgeous when it all comes together!

  5. Amazing how those blocks come alive as they get a setting!

    I didn't even get a November goal posted. It's been a blur..

  6. I feel the same way about November, it just whizzed by, and December seems to be doing the same. 18 table runners does sound a lot, you could easily keep 3 to finish next year. Loving the herringbone too.

  7. YOur quilting is SO gorgeous! I love feathers and loops!


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