My Week in Pictures

1. Dealing with a few thread tails.

2. Quilt of Valour flimsy just needs final borders...and a decent photo op!

3. Another gorgeous client quilt, fresh off the frame!

4. The final client quilt promised in time for Christmas. (Yay for keeping promises!)

5. Spectacular hoar frost on a sunny day.

View out my front door.

6. See how the ice crystals have built up on my lilac?

7. Cedar waxwings gobble highbush cranberries outside my kitchen window.

8. Sunset at 4:13 p.m. on December 19th...I've "zoomed" across my backyard toward the neighbour's house.

9. Another client quilt on the frame.

10. Pie baking day. Not for us, but to send to work for my husband to share.

Next week looks just as busy, but will involve secret Christmas preparations and lots of family time instead of quilting. 

What am I saying? 
There will always be quilting! Ha!

If you celebrate the season, have a wonderful, Merry Christmas! 

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  1. I'm impressed! Great photos of winter scenes and comforting quilts and pies!

  2. Beautiful pics! Enjoy the holidays!

  3. Here in Nevada the native Indians call that "pogo nip". Beautiful photos inside and out!!

  4. Wow! I bet it feels so good to have fulfilled your Christmas quilting promise. And the Canada quilt just keeps getting better. Merry Christmas!

  5. Congratulations on meeting all the Christmas quilting promises - that is awesome! The frost photos are beautiful. And I really like how the Quilt of Valor finished out - the change in block border colors is a great detail.

  6. I'm loving your week in photos. The frost is just stunning there. My frost is mostly visible on my windshield in the morning now. Living in the city is just so different. Loving your QOV. I want to do another one next year so I'm totally browsing for inspiration.

  7. What gorgeous Winter scenes, and I love the look of what's hiding under those tail threads.

  8. I hope you had a Merry Christmas. The frost is so beautiful. We don't get it that severe in Australia. What does the term hoar frost mean? I've only heard North Americans say it and I'm not sure of its meaning.


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