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I'm sneaking in just under the wire with my January project for A Lovely Year of Finishes! At the beginning of the month I'd decided to finish my "Ugly Fabric Challenge" piece. 
(To see the terms of the challenge, and my goal setting post, please click here.)

I'd decided the best course of action was to try some free-form piecing. This how things looked once the piecing was finished.
Free-form panel, heavily influenced by Rayna Gillman and Jean Wells.

Today I realized it might make a decent throw pillow. That meant the quilting could be loose and quick - a bonus since I did leave things to the last minute! I threw it on the longarm for some large swirls.

I then quilted some yardage to use for the back of the pillow. I thought it might be fun to use a squarish motif to contrast the swirls on the front.

Here it is, all stitched up!

I used the wrong side of the same fabric to bind the overlapped edges. It made a great bit of contrast.

Of course, I don't have a pillow form. Since there's no time to make one, an old feather pillow was unceremoniously shoved into service.

Now I remember reading a tutorial on how to avoid super-pointy corners on a pillow. Drat. 

I may go back and revise things, BUT...I'm counting this as FINISHED in case I never bother! Once it goes on my couch, it may never come off!!! Feather pillows are soooo comfy.

Better done than perfect!

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  1. Congrats on the finish! I really like the contrast between the two quilting types as well. But I find the squarish designs much harder for me to quilt.

  2. It works great as a pillow! I really like the backing (the dark purple edge is very nice). Congratulations on meeting your goal!

  3. I love the pillow. Well done. Feather pillows do come in handy. I once stuffed a rectangle feather pillow in a large square cushion so I could take a couple of photo.

  4. Looks perfect to me!! Hmmm, feather pillows. . . what a great idea!! I'm not exactly a fan of poly form pillows BUT feather pillows, be still my heart :)

  5. The pillow looks great, love all the quilting. Congrats on the finish.

  6. Quilted pillows are wonderful! I like the composition you came up with for the challenge, and the quilting design on the back complements the main design nicely.

  7. Fabulous - I love your cushion!!
    I hate pointy corners too!

  8. Lovely cushion! Since I have learned how to avoid pointy corners, I won't make them the usual way any more. I did plan to make a tutorial (maybe one day), but there is a picture on my blog of the result at if anyone would like to see...

  9. Love what you've done with that pillow.

  10. Wonderful save of a project you were not happy with! The pillow is perfect! I love the changeup in the quilting designs from front to back :) And I hope you are going to share the link to that tutorial about the corners with us!

  11. I like pointy corners - that's what I've told myself so many times that I think I'm convinced! And your quilt looks so different now it's become a pillow, still just as lovely but somehow very different.


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