Birds of a Feather

The Canada goose is the harbinger of spring in the frozen north. When I spot the first team of the season, I know winter is officially on its way out. That won't happen for a while, yet, but I dream of the day.

I decided these magnificent birds should be the subject of a little art piece. I've made them once before, so had a set of drawings ready to go.

The fabric I'd snow dyed a couple of weeks ago makes a fantastic sky.

I rolled the quilting and applique into the same step, free-motion stitching around all the bits and pieces through all three layers of the quilt.

Next, I laid some plastic over top and doodled several quilting ideas - looks terrible, but it helped me decide what to try.

Wish I'd stopped there to think about it over night. I would have made some different choices
But, no.
I dove in and quilted. Hate the feather. Too late now.
I have one more piece of the blue fabric, and several ideas about what I like (and what I don't). Time for a do-over. (Or, maybe a whole series of 'em!)

Though I did officially meet my February goal for ALYoF, we are not at the end of this story. "Try, Learn, Grow!" is my mantra for a reason!

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Try, Learn, Grow!

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  1. I like Canada geese, and I think you did lovely job. I'm pretty bad with applique, worse with fmq

  2. The background fabric is really awesome sky fabric!! WOW! And the geese! You are SO talented!! It probably won't help you like it any more but I think the quilting is cool :) Will be fun to see what you come up with next!

  3. I think it looks great!
    I also enjoy watching Canada Geese so I really like this quilt!
    I like the straight line quilting.

  4. When in doubt, add more quilting. Looks like you did play and learn, so a win in any set of books!

  5. You snow-dyed fabric is lovely! I've been wanting to try my hand at dying fabric for a project I have in mind. Just no time to investigate. Your geese are great, too. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with next!

  6. Love your geese on the background you have chosen.

  7. The snow dyed fabric really is the perfect sky backdrop. Sometimes getting a project done is just what is needed to teach us what we don't like.

  8. I think it looks great! But here is what I shared with my quilting class: if you don't like it, give it away. ;)

  9. Your background fabric is just perfect, and I love your geese too, they look gorgeous. I think I maybe am a bit unsure about that quilting too, which is a shame since it's such an amazing feather! Could you add more quilting to the straight line areas, maybe lots of little feathers between them, or some little geese outlines or a mixture? Or is that a ridiculous idea in such a small space?! I also love your idea of doodling on plastic over the design, I've not heard that before and it sounds such a good way to plan it. Hope your cold is starting to get a little better now.

  10. Looks pretty cool to me but I'm so curious to see what else you'll come up with :)

  11. The fabric are so perfect for this, just love it. I think the feather gives the piece motion. But I certainly know what it's like to start quilting, not like and then not be able to take it out either, that's when I just keep adding more quilting :)

  12. Those geese are fantastic! That background sky looks custom painted for this project. Wow.

  13. I love it! It turned out great and the fabric is beautiful...both the sky and the geese fabric. Lovely job..even the feather!

  14. Love the geese on that blue fabric - makes great impact. I love the idea of wind and motion in your sketch with it looking all swirly!

  15. This turned out great! Are the geese's wings and body one fabric? That's what it looks like, and if so, what a great fabric for it. For the sky as well. As far as the quilting, I also often use a 'dive right in' approach, and I hate to rip things out, so my end result does not always meet the vision in my head...but even though it may not be what you were going for, it still is a brilliant piece.

  16. The feather looks great. If you're not happy, keep playing! Congrats on making your goal.


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