Check, Check, CHECK!!!

Black quilts are incredibly challenging to photograph.
I spent an entire morning futzing around in an attempt to get a decent close up and one good overall shot of "Ghost Bees".

Close up of Ghost Bees

By the time I was finished, my sewing room was a wreck. Reflective surfaces & lamps were ripped from their usual places & pressed into service. Furniture was shoved out of the way. Fabric piles were disrupted. Even the garbage can was upended and used under a lamp!

Makeshift photo studio

I tried various locations and positions in relation to the windows, but eventually built a makeshift "white box" on the floor.

The point of all this?

The Alberta Foundation for the Arts has an Art Acquisition by Application program . . . with an April 1st deadline! I decided to see if the AFA would like to add my piece to its permanent collection. 

In addition to the photos, I needed to write an artist's resume (CV), register for the program, fill out an online profile, and then an online application.

It felt momentous when I finally hit the "Submit" button! 

Geese piece

On a roll, I decided to also submit my geese piece (ha, I'm a poet!) to Quilting Arts magazine. Another set of requirements (and nerves) conquered!

Back to my Judge Certification exercises?

Nope. Not yet.

Instead, I took stock of customer quilts, photographing them and drawing possible quilting ideas for the custom jobs. There are some exciting projects coming up!

While I was in "business mode", I ordered more thread and batting.

Glide thread

I also decided to pull fabric for a workshop I'll be teaching at the end of April. 
It briefly crossed my mind that it would be easier to go shopping than to dig through my stash. 


I must have been tired.

In actual fact, it was fun pulling stacks out of my cupboard and combing through for possibilities. Bonus - I ended up with a nice fabric pull AND a tidier cupboard!

Black and white photo confirming a good value range from light to dark.

Amy's Crazy Curves is Fresh off the Frame!

Remember cutting and piecing this quilt with Amy and Adrienne?

Amy's circle quilt

The front is all circles, and the back is all rectangles - a pretty cool juxtaposition! 

Amy's quilt could be used either side up!

It's a beauty!

Front view

Checking tasks off my list - check, Check, CHECK!!!

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Try, Learn, Grow!

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  1. Hello Carole,

    Photos can be such a nightmare. It was worth the effort - the detail really shows up on the ghost bees quilt. Love the flying geese. Best of luck with your submission to AFA!

    Thank you for linking up with Free Motion Mavericks!

    Love, Muv

  2. You did a great job withe the photos - worth all the effort!

  3. Best of luck with both of your submissions. You did a great job of the photography.

  4. Yay, you!! The photos look fantastic, your efforts paid off and good luck with your submissions!

    Amy's quilt turned out spectacularly!! Congrats on continuing to check things off of your list, always feels good to not only make that check and attaining a goal such as your submissions makes it even sweeter :)

    I am very intrigued by your fabric pull!!

  5. Good luck on your submissions - hitting submit is a victory in my book! Amy's quilt looks wonderful. I remember when you posted about how they laid out the pieces for the quilt top. ;)

  6. its all beautiful-happy weekend to you

  7. You are doing great working on those goals. Love your photo studio. And that quilt fresh off your frame? Awesome!

  8. Where to start? Great blog post! You have been one busy quilter. Good luck with your submissions - I've never tried photographing black, but I'm certain it's tricky. Love your Glide threads - so pretty :) And the quilting on the last quilt is very nice - lovely, lovely quilt all the way around.

  9. You have been so productive! I often have trouble photographing my quilts even when they are not black, and feel the need for a design wall. Somehow laying quilts on the floor, you can never get the right angle and there is always a shadow somewhere. Your work is beautiful!

  10. Good luck Carol! I hope all these will work out for you as you are so hard working and talented chick!

  11. Photography can be a challenge sometimes! The quilt looks great. I have so enjoyed following your exploits in Judge Certification. It is so interesting and your projects are inspiring.

  12. Good luck with both your submissions, your dedication to the photography definitely paid off, and the detail in the quilt looks amazing.


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