Keep Calm and Carry On

The same design I used in the monochromatic exercise has been repeated in black and white graphic prints for the achromatic exercise.

Achromatic exercise

I organized fabric snippets in the same manner as before. It is surprising how easily things can get mixed up if there isn't a key...and sometimes even when there is!

B & W fabric map

When I first started working, things looked pretty chaotic . . .

. . . but when it was finished and up on the wall, I found its graphic nature quite appealing!

I somehow added an extra "swirl" in the center of this one (or maybe I just missed it the first time?). Regardless, it reinforces the circular composition. I'm going to add it to the first piece, for sure!

For the analogous exercise I chose to work with a combination of blue, blue-green, and green.

A black and white photo of snippets laid out from lightest to darkest helped me check for a seven-step value run. The first two lights are practically the same value, as are the last two darks, but I count seven steps. Good to go!

Using one of my flower photos, I isolated a diagonal composition. The distribution of the light, medium and dark values was an important consideration when deciding how to use the fabrics.

I decided to use the light blue as the background, which eliminated its use for highlights. I didn't want the flowers to look like they have holes in them!

Even though these little exercises (8 1/2" x 11") look quite simple, I can assure you they take plenty of effort. Each one takes a full day, from concept to finish.

Did I mention the deadline for finishing the pre-work is May 18th? AND, I will be away a significant number of days between now and then??? 

There are eleven exercises left on my list, plus miscellaneous things like writing a bio, getting a head shot, making a portfolio and professional resume, and so on.

And, this is just the Judge Certification Program prep work. Never mind my other goals and deadlines!!!

There will be time for everything if I stick with my plan. 
I'm keeping calm and carrying on.

The client quilt I mentioned in my last post is now Fresh off the Frame!

I love the way a quilt changes when it's quilted! Here is a great "before and after" example.

Before quilting

After quilting

Gorgeous, right??!!

Gratuitous "Quilty Goodness" shot!

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Try, Learn, Grow!

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  1. I'm always amazed by your work! Awesome!

  2. Your B&W piece is gorgeous! I like it (sorry) more than the first coloured one.

    You are an inspirational to all level of quilters Carole! Well done. 👍

  3. I love all your colour/B&W excercises and can well believe they took all day. In fact, I'm impressed that you managed to get them done in that time. Will you quilt them now, or are these 'just' exercise pieces?

  4. It's great you have a plan and schedule to keep you going for the deadline. I am really enjoying seeing your progress on the exercises! Looking for the extra swirl was a fun "spot the difference" game, too! :)

  5. I wasn't quite so keen on the b & w till I saw it from more of a distance - then I loved it! And your blue/green one looked much harder to me, so I can well believe the effort and time it takes!

  6. I love your black and white rose. What are your plans for using the exercises? Will they become mini quilts or combine for something bigger. It must feel good to check these off the list.

  7. It's amazing how different but the same your two roses look, great job. As is the tonal composition - you've definitely inspired me to take photos of my garden this year so I can have a go at something similar.

  8. Lovely post and thanks for showing the before and after quilting shots and the quilting machine itself - fascinating! I just love the earthy, homey colours you've used in that last quilt. Inspiring. xCathy

  9. Hello Carole,

    I love the contrast between the dark pink and the black and white roses. Yes, you have to add the extra swirl!

    Thank you for linking up with Free Motion Mavericks!

    Love, Muv


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