Divide and Conquer

My client is not in love with her kaleidoscope (I know!!! Can you believe it???), so didn't want me to spend too much time quilting it.

Kaleido BEFORE quilting.

Time for some "quick and dirty" custom work. Well, quick, anyway! My plan was to divide and conquer.

Looking at the quilt from a distance I could see sections of piecing that looked like distinct shapes waiting to be filled. I started with the center star, working a curvy feather out to each tip.


The next two sections were filled with lines - one with mirrored curves, and one with radiating straight lines.


The last section was filled with giant paisley petals and little curly swirls to reach the corners.


Of course, each of these was repeated five more times, all around the kaleido.
Not so quick! Ha!

Finally, radiating wavy lines finished the corners.

Kaleido AFTER quilting.

Here's the back:


Despite running over a million seams, the quilting was fairly smooth once I got a feel for it. I did rip out the first attempt at feathers and try again. Better.

  • quilting must highlight symmetry and mask piecing imperfections (a hazard of the kool kaleidoscope technique)
  • designs must be relatively quick to execute
  • quilting must not detract from the beauty of the fabric or the piecing
  • thread would contrast strongly on some fabrics - eek!!! It is much more forgiving to work with thread that blends!
It was truly challenging to loosen up my usual "quilting to death" style. And, if I'd had time in the budget, you can bet there would have been feathers in those corners!

So...quilt done, garden NOT!
I did get all of my bedding plants out, but the veggie garden has yet to be seeded. Tomorrow, or bust!!! If I don't get it done by then, there won't be much point.

While I was working beside my lilac bush, a little visitor stopped by. My phone was handy, so I took a few quick shots. This was my favourite!


Oh, and my potato plants are starting to poke out of the soil!
Believe it or not, it's my first time growing potatoes! I've always thought they take more space than they're worth, but we ripped out the raspberry patch (which was out of control) and I figured I might as well weed potatoes as an empty bed. Now I'm looking forward to a feast of fresh spuds in the fall!

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Try, Learn & Grow!
P.S. I love hearing from you, so don't be shy. Tell me about your quilting challenges, or how your garden grows!


  1. Carole, your quilting threw this one right over the top! Beautifully done! From the feather in the middle to the radiating wavy lines out to the edge, your quilting choices are perfection. I'd say you met and conquered all of those challenges!

  2. Love your quilting. especially how the feathers meet in the middle. perfect!

  3. Bet your client likes it now!!

  4. I thought that the fabrics your client chose were gorgeous. But Carole you turned this into something amazing. The quilting you added made this quilt even more beautiful. I really liked seeing what you decided to put in each area. Somehow the quilt now reminds me of birds feathers and it look perfect and natural.

  5. Great quilting, and it looks anything but quick. I hope your client loves it a little more now. And I think you'll be very happy you've grown potatoes, I think they're definitely a vegetable where you notice a big difference eating them fresh, homegrown.

  6. It looks really good - reminds me of burning fire in the hearth. Love your quilting choices!

  7. Wow, she is sure to love it now! Wonderful job.

  8. Amazing how a quilt can be transformed by the quilting. You have bought this piece to life.

  9. You've done a brilliant job of the quilting, can't believe the owner wont love it now!

  10. I bet your customer loves her quilt now! :):) All my free time has been spent outside, but now that school is out for the summer I'm looking forward to getting back behind my quilt frame. The only challenge I have with my roses garden is weeds....grrrrr....but the colors, and smells are worth it!

  11. Looking good and the backside looks great! :) Good luck with potatoes :)


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