Something Scrappy Going On...

My son (Derrick) and his girlfriend (Brynne) surprised me with a visit last week . . . and they brought a suitcase full of vintage fabric along.

WHAT??? Brynne wants to learn how to quilt??? Yippee!!!

We sorted, soaked and rinsed and washed for three days to remove excess dye from several pieces.
One little stack of fabric finally ready to go!

A few minutes into cutting, Brynne mentioned that she thought I'd been a bit - ummm - overzealous with the ironing (aka. crazy lady with an iron!), but now she totally gets it!

Brynne's cutting station - we took over the family room so we could work together.

Brynne is used to long hours, working with precision, and relentlessly pursuing her vision as a studio artist. Be still, my heart!!! I couldn't have asked for a better mentoring experience. Brynne worked super hard and learned everything quickly.

In true scrappy form, we are mixing fabrics that might not otherwise "get along" - flannels, cottons, batiks, corduroy, unidentified textiles from re-purposed clothing (skating costumes, suits), home decor fabrics - anything that withstood our arduous soak, rinse, wash, and press process without disintegrating or melting made it into the mix.

A tiny peek at the design wall. Things will look so much better when the blocks are pieced, I promise!

Much to Brynne's delight, she discovered that fabric can also be altered! I pulled out my dye-based fabric markers, and she started drawing on solid white fabric.

Fabric fun

Her little drawings pieced into super cute blocks, but I can't show them yet! Nor can I show how the remaining blocks are shaping up. This quilt must remain a mystery until it is finished.


I'd love to spill the beans, but will restrain myself.
(If you must know, it kinda hurts to hold back! Ha!)

So...since this is Brynne's first quilt, and it consists of 820 (might as well be a million!) little pieces, we decided to divvy up the sewing. She went home with a borrowed machine (thanks to my Mom!) and a plan, and I will do my part, too. We will meet again in October to combine our efforts into a finished top. I can't wait!

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  1. How wonderful to share her learning. I will look forward to meeting the completed Quilt.

  2. Looks like a lot of fun with fabric - great to be passing on the quilty knowledge!

  3. Oh, you've had great fun, I can tell! Can't wait to see how everything comes together. Enjoy!

  4. What a great way to spend time together. It's always fun to discover that someone is interested in quilting. The quilting bug should be passed on.

  5. Wow, it sounds like you had an awesome time together and I am so curious to see how the quilt comes together! What a treat to loo forward to seeing with her again in October.

  6. Hooked another one! ;) I can't wait to see how this comes together - it is looking really great!

  7. It looks wonderful already, I love the drawing part and am now very impatient to see more! Hoping it's early October and not the end!

  8. I'm curious what this not so matching combo will turn in to. :)

  9. How exciting and wonderful and fun Carole! Brynne is clearly already becoming a great quilter. I hope my son brings home a girl like her! LOL


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