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Fresh off the Frame this week - fabric sunshine!


The batting was a super-lofty poly, so I was worried about - maybe - quilting in some pleats and wrinkles. With a little extra attention, basting, and clamping, that didn't happen (whew!).


You can see that the fabric does look a bit "pulled" into the deep stitch lines, but when the quilt is washed I believe everything will relax and puff nicely. I absolutely love how it turned out!


Check, check, checkidy check!

It's been a week of lists.    When the blog is quiet, it's not because I'm slacking!!

  • Quilting presentation at my granddaughter's school (x2 classes) - check!
  • Secret sewing that can't be shared just yet - check!
  • Doctor's appointment re: "the plague" I can't seem to shake - check!
    (meds and rest - umm...sure)
  • Present part one of an applique workshop for the High Prairie quilters - check!
  • Halloween - last minute costumes, chauffeuring, party going - check!
  • Sleeves on pieces I'm entering in our annual guild show - check!
  • Help hang the show - check!
  • Finish up details for Rotary House donation quilt - sleeve, label, paperwork, connect with Rotary club - check!
  • Organizing last minute details for upcoming guild workshop (this weekend!) with a visiting teacher - check!
  • Prepare food and home for hosting our visiting teacher - about 50/50 - working on it!
    At this point, she will have homemade soup and a clean bed.
  • Gathering my own supplies for said workshop - hahahaha!
    I will be packing for class on the way out the door Saturday morning...as per usual.
    Good thing my supplies are pretty organized, or I'd be dead in the water.

Soon things will settle down and I will be able to spend quality time at the frame - oh happy days!

Applique Workshop: Part One

Oh, how I love the energy of a workshop!
There is much to be shared, much to be learned, and much to enjoy in the company of other quilters!

The High Prairie quilters are working on Fab Art sunflower wall hangings. Here is a (very) quick peek into our progress, so far:

A colour key prevents confusion. A useful step for everyone, it becomes especially important when changing up the scheme from the pattern.


Building sunflowers



In addition to building applique units, the class pieced their backgrounds in preparation for next time.

High Prairie quilters

Soon these quilts will be bursting with colour! (Stay tuned for the "after" shot!)

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  1. Ugh ~ I am so sorry you still aren't feeling well! At least you have been able to work with some sunshiney things; that's got to help a little... Hope the meds kick in quickly!

  2. I'm beginning to think you have superpowers. How else could you keep this pace while you're sick. Get better soon.......I think I saw "rest" somewhere in that list.........lol.

  3. Sorry you aren't feeling too well. Take care of yourself and try and find sometime to rest and recuperate.
    I love how the applique backgrounds look. I'm looking forward to the big reveal

  4. Hope you feel better real soon. Your sunflower is looking beautiful.

  5. That quilt is super puffy, but it sure is cheerful.

  6. Holy wow, Carol, you have been busy!! Love the shot of the quilt, makes me smile :) Can't wait to see those sunflowers!

    Hope you are feeling better!

  7. That yellow quilt is a breath of sunshine for certain! And, it will wash up very plump and cozy. Get some rest, my dear! Your schedule is too busy to be sick - hope you're feeling better now.

  8. Wow Wee Carole! I can't believe how much is on your checklist! You are a dynamo! And all while have a plague like bug? We have a persistent bug here too ...my hubby and I are comin up on two months of coughing.

    The sunshine quilt is beautiful! Your quilting makes it absolutely scrumptious!

    I hope you have a great time with your visiting teacher. A clean bed and homemade soup sound wonderful. Feel better soon!

  9. What a happy quilt! I like the way you quilted it. You sure are a busy lady!

  10. Love the sunshine quilt, and the sunflower. Yellow is definitely a colour that's grown on me in the last few years. And I think it's pretty easy to see why you found it so hard to shift your plague when you look at that list there! How did the presentation at school go? What kind of things did you talk to them about - was it a bit of history or design or lots of quilts and talking through them?


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