Prayer Flags

My wish for the world.

Wind brushes by a prayer flag, spreading its wishes and good energy to all.
When I held this fabric to the light (a piece I'd dyed, and then wondered what on Earth will I do with this?) I knew it would be perfect for my prayer flag. I love how it glows!
Other than keep it simple, I had no plan for this project.
The fabric spoke to me of peace, love, and the 70's, so I followed its vibe.

It was satisfying to let things evolve as I worked along, and surprising how deeply I felt the message by the time I finished. What had started as a fun project with my guild became a call from my heart.

Two other guild members have finished their flags in time for this post, too.

Terry's flag: Faith, Hope and Love

Terry's flag - photo by Terry.
Sarah's flag: Celebrating Love in the Birth of a Baby

Sarah's flag - photo by Sarah.
Suggestions for flag makers:
  • Use what you have on hand
  • Keep things simple
  • Enjoy the process - relax and take it a step at a time
  • Fuse, stamp, glue, and finish! Let it fray, let it fray...
  • Hang it where you can see it every day
    or, give it to someone who needs to see it every day
If you start with a 5" x 11" piece of fabric, you can fold the top edge down about three inches to make the hanging sleeve. The raw edge of the sleeve can be turned to the front or back, as you like.

Or, just make something up, like we did - see the first suggestion, above ;-)

Fresh off the Frame

I had Brynne's (not-so-secret-cause-I-blabbed-here) secret sewing on the frame this week, and finally finished today. Woo Hoo!
(Keep it under your hat, though, K?)

Just a peek!

My heartfelt apologies for slow comment replies lately - with having been sick, and then trying to catch up, and then repeating the cycle again this week (stomach bug - enough with being sick!) - I'm in a time crunch. I love the conversations and friendships that have come with blogging, and truly appreciate your comments. Thank you, so much. I shall return the favour as soon as humanly possible!

Still a couple more Christmas quilts to finish for people, so please pray that I stay healthy!!!

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  1. I hope that you are feeling much better and can stop the being sick cycle! Take care of yourself during this busy season; we'll be here waiting later. :)

  2. OK I've just sent you a telepathic hug with prayers...hope your feeling better soon...seeing that prayer flag touched my heart. I hope to make a few before April this year, to share with my family. We are still mourning and healing since my dad passed, and everyday its a challenge, but I would probably do go to lose myself into a project like that. Pour my prayers right into that cloth. Its beautiful...your spirit shines through it. thank you for sharing...

  3. I am praying you stay healthy, and sending a thank you prayer for your peace promoting flag. Bless you.

  4. your prayer flag is just perfect! (I can't wait to see Brynne's quilt in it's entirety)

  5. Oh dear, hope you got out of the sick cycle. I really love your prayer flag, it looks beautiful in that snowy setting. And I'm especially impressed with your 'peace' letters, they look so neat and so effective. Did you stencil them? With paint or something else? Looking forward to seeing Brynne's quilt in a minute too - I've seen it's there but I'm being good and catching up in order!


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