On the Flip Side

Ahhh! It feels great to be on the flip side of helping to jury quilts for the CQA/ACC National Juried Show. The process was intensive. At one point, I actually thought I'd had my fill of quilts. Yikes! (The thought was fleeting so there's no need to call for help! ha!)

Friends have asked about my experience on the Jury Committee, but I haven't much to share. Everything is highly confidential, for obvious reasons. However, I can say that we all worked incredibly hard to curate an excellent show. Go, if you can!!!

CQA/ACC also offers a Youth Challenge, and the deadline is right around the corner. Both of my grandchildren were very clear about what they wanted to create. My job was to show them how to do things, and then get the heck out of the way!

When Riley finished his quilt, he said we should work on more projects 'just for fun' . . . music to my ears!

Riley, quilting as he stitches around applique.

You may recall that Laina got to take the longarm for a spin. She was so thrilled!!!

Laina, rockin' the longarm!

The contest is a Viewers' Choice format. The quilts will be posted online, and CQA/ACC members are eligible to cast their votes from March 3 - 15, 2016. If you're a member, please mark the dates! No matter who you vote for, it's important to support the next generation of quilters with your interest.

My grands aren't toooo worried about winning or losing (of course they're hoping a little...) because they love their quilts and are proud to hang them in their rooms. The icing on the cake? They will get to see their finished quilts posted on the CQA/ACC website! Fun!

My son and his girlfriend came home for Reading Week, and Brynne brought the project she was working on for a friend in need of encouragement after a bad accident. Brynne designed, pieced and quilted it, and I added the words for her as the final touch. It's currently winging its way to the States to become a long-distance hug.

Brynne's art

Fresh off the Frame
Though longarming has been on hold for a bit, a couple of pretties have crossed my frame since my last post.

I wanted to wrap up in this soft, cozy Christmas flannel, but had to be a professional and hand it back to its owner instead!

Cuddly Christmas quilt - O Tannenbaum panto
And then this came up - the minky on the back is perhaps the softest I've ever felt. I had permission to roll around on it if I wanted (ha!), but decided to be a professional and restrain myself once again. Okay. I did stroke the minky more often than necessary, but I'll bet YOU would have, too! ;-)
Baby quilt, fresh off the frame - excess batting has been trimmed away.

In the photo above, the extra batting has been trimmed away from the edges of the quilt top. The minky will be folded to the front and used to finish the edges - super snuggly!

Puppies for a baby!

Have a happy week!

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  1. It sounds like you have had some pretty wonderful experiences and quality time with family and quilting recently. I just adore the photos of your grandchildren quilting. And Riley wants to do more just for fun? Be still my heart! That would be music to any quilter's ears, but I am assuming that it filled your grandmother's heart with a lot of love. I really like the idea of online voting, that is a very cool concept and one that might serve the MQG and future QuiltCon's well... hmmm... now to figure out a way to submit that as feedback...

  2. It touches my heart to hear about your grandchildren wanting to quilt with you. That must be such a wonderful feeling for you. I enjoy doing crafty things with my niece, we have so much fun together. Oh, and minky! I *love* to touch and touch it! :)

  3. I would have rolled around on the minky......notice I didn't put an lol.....because I wasn't kidding. It's wonderful seeing you support the Youth Challenge. It's been great to see it grow from the first year, when there were 3 entries.

  4. I always love seeing young quilters. I doubt I would have showed much restraint with the cuddly quilts.

  5. Ahhh, so lovely to see your Grandchildren quilting and creating. Presumably even though I can't vote I can still view all the quilts on the website? Brynne's piece looks very special too, I hope her friend is recovering better now.


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