It's a Beautiful Day

There is a palpable spirit of love surrounding this quilt.

Its maker lost her precious grandson, Bishop, to cancer when he was only five years old. She had previously made memory quilts for his siblings. This quilt is for his momma.

All three of the quilts for this family have been stitched with dragonflies, and all feature the proclamation, "It's a beautiful day" in a bottom border. Bishop's words every single day, no matter what.

It's a beautiful day.

The warm light pouring into the room as I stitched matched the sunny nature of the child in my thoughts.

Bishop's signature was replicated from a photograph supplied by his grandma.

Bishop's family granted permission for me to share details of this project. Many thanks to them for their willingness to share Bishop's message of happiness and delight in life. (Keep spreading the love, little man.)

Always remembered. Always loved. Love, always.  

It's a beautiful day!

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  1. What a beautiful quilt. It is obviously packed with a lot of love and memories. I am amazed at the spirit of people like Bishop and inspired by their messages of light, love, and resilience. Thank you so much for sharing and spreading this on. <3

  2. Lovely quilt with a sad story behind ...

  3. I agree with Vera, it's a lovely sad story and a beautiful quilt.

  4. that signature!
    I was okay (sad, but okay) until 'Bishop'. I imagine that was a little emotional to quilt.
    Thank you for helping create beauty, and sharing it with us.
    hugs ~ Tracy

  5. What a touching way to remember a sweet child. It truly is a beautiful day.

  6. You have an amazing gift that has touched our family to the deepest part of our hearts. You've given Bishop yet another way to touch others. He continues to make a difference one beautiful day at a time <3 Bishop's Gramma <3

    1. Susan. I am deeply sorry for your family's great loss. Your quilt is beautiful and I'm sure it will bring comfort to Bishop's mom.
      Blessings ~ Tracy in Arkansas, USA

  7. What a beautiful quilt to help celebrate the life of a beautiful child. May his family be comforted each time they see it.

  8. Gorgeous quilt and a very touching story.
    It's a beautiful day indeed Bishop!

  9. What a beautiful but incredibly emotional quilt to be a part of. He sounds like a very special boy, and though it is such a sad story he still obviously lives on in many important ways.


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