Almost Raffle Ready!

Pile O' Prizes

Museum raffle prizes made by my guildmates and me

We are almost raffle ready!
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Quilting 2nd Prize
Ready to quilt - and I had NO quilting plan for this wall hanging. Several ideas were rolling around in my brain, but none seemed quite right.

"Blank canvas"

So I basted, ditched, and . . . familiarized myself with the quilt. (aka - "listened" for inspiration)

The crazy piecing in the background called for a soft, swirly filler that would suit the old fashioned character of the piece, so I decided to use straight lines in the border for contrast.

Hmm. OH, I know!
I could use the piecing to divide the space and do some "dot to dot" quilting.

Dot to dot design

I used a purple, air-erasable marker to make dots on the light fabrics, and white chalk on the dark ones. Matchstick quilting (visible below) made the triangular motifs pop. I like how their angular lines relate to the crazy pieced background.

By the time the border was quilted, I'd decided to use a feather filler in the background.
It would be fairly dense, so the photos would need quilting to keep them from becoming baggy by comparison. An AHA moment led to using the crazy piecing as inspiration - framing up little vignettes in each photo in a similar style worked well, I think!

Quilting lines through the photos were inspired by the crazy-piecing in the background.

A line of echo stitching framed the little photo "shards" in the background. I wanted to provide a buffer zone between them and the anticipated filler, and give them more presence.

For whatever reason, I began feathering at the bottom of the piece, and worked my way up.

A sweet moment of realization, captured here!

When I stepped back to see how things were going, I was quite pleased!

A memory from a couple of years ago popped into my head. I'd shown my husband a picture of some beautiful quilting and declared that I wanted to be able to quilt like that someday.

With a shock I realized - I think I'm there!
Not perfect, but the growth in my skills was suddenly very evident to me.
Oh, my. What a happy moment!

Simple lines of stitch and a "dot to dot" line in each triangle finished the photo frames.

Fresh off the Frame!
Here's the wall hanging, trimmed and ready to bind.
It is absolutely square and will lay beautifully once it's been blocked . . . as opposed to being pulled from a bag where it was folded up under another quilt all night. (Oops!) Oh, well. Had to grab a quick pic before handing it off to a guildmate for finishing!

Guild project - original design by Bev, Lois, & Liz
quilted by Carole Gold @

Earlier in the week, this pretty client quilt passed through my hands. (More feathers!)

Client quilt - Bountiful Feathers panto

Another charmer, pieced by the same client. This quilt had such a warm, lively vibe - I was sorry to see its bottom border!

Client quilt - Modern Twist panto

Ellen's Workshop Finishes!

Ellen is a fearless quilter with a can-do attitude. She is one of the Fairview crew, who have graciously invited me back to teach a number of times.

Ellen recently sent photos of three of her workshop finishes!

Ellen's bargello table runner (pattern from Eileen Wright's book, Twist and Turn Bargello Quilts)

Ellen's leaves - a Judy Niemeyer pattern

Ellen's Fab Art Poppies

Thanks for the photos - and I hope you enjoy your garden this summer, Ellen!

Try, Learn, & Grow!


  1. Wow, what an awesome moment to have had happen - congratulations! I hope you can continue to savor that feeling of "arrival" as you grow and surpass even your dreams. :)

  2. I completely agree with Yvonne.

  3. Can I third Yvonne? Awesome moment!

  4. Quilting the photos to echo the crazy pieced background was a brilliant choice Carole! The whole quilt looks perfect. You made me laugh, because I have long regarded you as having "arrived" with you quilting.
    Your client's work is lovely and your friend Ellen is one amazing quilter - it looks like she can do anything.

  5. With Yvonne too, what a special moment and the evidence of the quilt really backs you up. Love that bag from the raffle as well.

  6. I don't know how on earth I missed this post, but I am so happy I found it now! I can totally imagine how you felt when you made your discovery! congratulations :-) Not that you will sit back for one minute though - you will just go on to increase your skills and expand your quilting repertoire.... Beautifully done! I especially love the dot to dot in the border ~ good that you listened to the quilt ;-)


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