Wedding Quilt

I'd been holding space for this wedding quilt, so it went on the frame as soon as it arrived. With no time to mess around, this became my "before" photo.

Beautiful wedding quilt, BEFORE quilting.

Baste-y baste baste. So important to hold the quilt square throughout.

Basting is a must!

Ditch-y, ditch, ditch. Lots of ditching here. So important for sharpening the lines and popping out the applique. (See where the fabric is taut because I've ditched around the applique? Magic!)

All of the borders are ditched, too, except for between the blocks in the patchwork border. I had a leaf motif in mind for each patch that would be faster and look just as good.

Applique and borders are ditched.

Stitch-y stitch stitch.

Special motifs were stitched into the background without marking the quilt. The white fabric was untested and I didn't dare take ANY chances with it.

White marker on white paper, on white fabric, using white thread. Can you say eye strain?

A bit of accuracy was sacrificed for safety, but the overall effect is quite nice in the end, as you will see in the AFTER photo.

Oh, okay, I can't resist - here is a sneak peek at a tiny detail that I'm quite pleased with! This bit (the two heads) is only about two inches tall. Yep. Tiny!

Tiny detail.

Leafy filler surrounds the applique (and the stitched motifs). I love how loose fabric gets "eaten up" by quilting stitches! (And, there is always loose fabric after the quilt center is stitched.)

Leafy background filler wraps around the applique.

After miles of leafy filler came miles, and miles of border fillers.

Sticking with a leafy, vine-y theme in the borders.

Special touches included stitching a pair of tiny Ukrainian Easter eggs in gorgeous colours,

Special for the family.

and adding the newlyweds' initials as though they were carved there by the lovers!


My client came armed with line drawings of family crests and symbols to be stitched into the quilt (we'd talked previously, so she came well prepared), and our ideas merged as we discussed quilting possibilities for the rest.

I am so blessed to have clients with strong vision AND realistic expectations!

The result is a quilt infused with meaning for both the giver and the recipients - a true Family Quilt.

Beautiful wedding quilt, AFTER quilting.

Trying to catch the light so the stitched motifs show is a bit of a trick, but you get the idea!

 And it's off to be bound and given to the happy couple. Whew!

On the Home Front
No basement, yet.
Equipment not available, so we have to be patient until next week. Phooey.

However, Chuck did break ground!

Chuck, digging the ceremonial "first hole" where our house will be.

This is what we have so far.

Well, it's a start!

Pretty nice, hey? (lol!)

We also have a large shed that now has power and a gas line for the heater.

While I was there, Chuck had me hold a wrench outside the building so he could tighten something up inside. I'm including this shot of me "at work" just for Tracy - hopefully she will get a chuckle out of it! (It would be even better with painted nails, but I was unprepared!)

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  1. What a stunning wedding quilt. It sounds like your client and the recipients are going to have a family heirloom! :)

  2. The only words I have are WOW, WOW, WOW! Beautiful quilt and fabulous quilting!!

  3. Just beautiful! I especially love all three of the border quilting motifs. I know the happy couple will treasure it!

  4. Awesome!! Spectacular quilting! I am in awe of your talent!

  5. Your Wedding quilt is just exquisite and the quilting is wonderful!

  6. The wedding quilt is exquisite, both the design and your quilting. It's nice to see you've "staked" your land claim.

  7. That is a beautiful quilt - fantastic work and I'd love to see it up close and touch it!

  8. bwahahaha!!!! Oh, you make me laugh :-) Sorry things aren't humming along just yet. Soon!
    Your quilting is FAB U LOUS and your tiny knight is awesome. I am always amazed at how you just quilt away all that waviness. I think I would like longarming - but I do wonder if I can see well enough. I am so used to my eyes being inches from the needle....

  9. So stunning! Beautiful work as always. Sorry about your equipment issues, put the stick with the pink top looks good! ;)

  10. An amazing QUILT! WOw. COngrats on breaking ground. How exciting!

  11. Wow for the quilt, what a special and stunning gift for them. Hope your building works are moving forward smoothly now.

  12. Wow! A true family quilt and a truly stunning quilt. What a treasure! Looks like you "help" Hubby the way do! lol

  13. Do you have a pattern for this quilt? I'd love to make one! It is simply stunning with all the detail in it!

    1. Hi Skyleina,
      I hope you see this since I have no other way to contact you. The quilt was made by a client so, I'm sorry to say, I have no pattern information.

    2. Oh!! Well I still think it's beautiful, your quilting brought the quilt to life! :)


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