Forward Motion

On the Frame
Ditching - check. Applique stitched down - check. Whimsy added - check-ity, check, check!

Sweet, appliqued flowers are dressed up with stitchery.

Fanciful butterfly

Each flower is different, so the quilting is varied, as well. Motifs have been repeated here and there across the quilt to create cohesion, though - I like to repeat something at least three times to make it look like it belongs. Echo quilting will finish these sections, and then it will be time to decide the next step.

Crazy petals branch off the stems.

This quilt should have been finished by now, but every time I get on a roll, I'm interrupted. The interruptions throw off my groove, and it's hard to get my head back in the game, ya know?
Ah, well. Some weekend quilting will keep things moving forward. :-)

House Update
My main interruption is very exciting!
(See, it's not a bad interruption - on the contrary! It just takes time and energy away from quilting, is all.)

Decision eleventy-billion-and-one.

There are at least eleventy-billion (I'm sure that's a real number!) house building decisions to be made every day. Some are urgent. Some are for later so materials will arrive on time. Some ALL are expensive, and cannot be changed later if we're unhappy. Once an order is placed, that's it. So. This explains my distraction from quilting. Apparently my brain can only handle so much spatial visualization in a day!

We have walls!
The framers worked their buns off getting ready, so the exterior walls went up like magic this afternoon!
(My husband texted photos so I could see the process without being there - I was quilting!)

Oh, ya!!! Wall going up.

Forward motion is a beautiful thing - especially when it happens in giant leaps!

Try, Learn, & Grow!


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing more of this quilt. Thanks for sharing some of your strategy. And I can completely understand about making so many decisions all at once on the spur of the moment. It is exhausting!

  2. Instant house, once those walls go up - exciting! Have fun making all those decisions. Comparatively, it kinda makes deciding which quilting motif to use look like child's play, eh?

  3. YAY!!!!! The quilt is looking fabulous, but the HOUSE! Squeeeal! It's a house now!! :-) And you are definitely right about the eleventy billion. I'm telling you, my poor brain just can't handle it all. So very clever that they put the OSB on the walls before they stand them up! I honestly can't imagine any reason why a builder wouldn't do that (but they don't here) It would keep everything square and be more sturdy, and it would take less time, I'd think, to add them before the walls are vertical.... hmmm.. I wonder if I should educate Arkansan builders?? ;-) (that's a lot of weight for 2 guys!) How close is this to your current house?
    Happy leaping forward ~ Tracy
    p.s. where are the basement stairs?

  4. Oh my gosh! No wonder you can't keep your head in the game - those walls would be a major distraction! Yay for walls! We had one sunroom built on years ago, and I told my husband I could never build a house - there were too many decisions to be made for just one room! :) Your quilting, as always, is exquisite. I *love* that whimsical, fun quilt!!

  5. "Checkity, check, check" LOL :)
    My gosh you have a load of distractions with the house building going on Carole. It struck me funny that we can see you in the little polished knob's reflection,
    The quilting that you've gotten to do is just gorgeous... as always!

  6. The quilt is a beauty and I always enjoy watching your quilting process. It will be fun to follow along as the house is completed.

  7. I especially like how you quilted the flower petals. Such a cute quilt and looks like it's fun to quilt.

    1. all the applique will be raw edged??


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