Pair of Quilts, and a New Grandson!

Fresh off the Frame
The owner of this panel had three requests:
  • Add dimension to the figure
  • Keep background quilting loose (aka - not too dense)
  • Use invisible thread, if possible

Quilting in progress

Challenge accepted! Here are a few decisions I made about stitching the figure:
  • Stitching the ribs reinforced the umbrella's concave nature
  • Outlining the face, hand, and feet allowed them to puff out and have depth and roundness
  • Leaving some lines in the garments untouched allowed certain areas to come forward . . . and also prevented me from quilting too densely (always a temptation!)

Finished, but still on the frame (oops! skewed perspective AND crooked camera syndrome!)
Inspiration for the vertical background quilting came from the print - I stitched random loops about the same size as the random dots.

The horizontal quilting in the ground was inspired by the wavy horizon line in the print.

The text would have disappeared had it not been outlined, so I added three lines. Just to be sure. Ha!
(Actually, one or two would have left an awkward space on the right, so I kept going.)

Panel with optional, black frame intact.

I'm not sure if the black frame will be trimmed away or not, so I quilted it, too. No matter what, using a similar quilting density will offer a nice edge to bind.

I matched the tone of the bobbin thread to the colour of the fabric being quilted. Invisible thread is so fine that bobbin thread is bound to show, even with perfect tension. If the thread tones with the fabric, it isn't noticeable.

Another Beauty:
Same client, different quilt . . . if you look closely, you can see butterflies on this one!

Butterfly Charm pantograph

A few characters were added to the bottom corner of the sashing. I have NO idea what this says. Hopefully I haven't totally butchered the script with shoddy "brushwork". (It could have changed from something friendly to something rude or mean, for all I know . . . eep!)

Hope my "penmanship" passes muster!

A slight panto adjustment allowed me to avoid stitching over the script when finishing the quilt.

Client quilt, trimmed and ready to bind.

In Other News
Our new grandson arrived on Friday evening!

Special delivery!

I must tell you this.
I'm still incredulous . . .
My daughter opened a new business THE NEXT DAY!!!

Birth a baby in the evening, and then birth a business the next morning (and put in a ten hour day) . . . can you imagine?? The girl has super powers! (And a supportive family. AND a crazy determination gene.)

Me, plus three! Happy Granny. :-)

She and her husband built a family room in the back of the store. It has comfy furniture, a game system for the big kids, and a snug baby area for their newest addition.

I think I took longer to recover from all that activity than she did. Ha!

Try, Learn, & Grow!


  1. Beautiful quilting and I would be worried about my "penmanship" with the characters, too! eep indeed! What a fantastic family photo and I re-read the part about your daughter launching a business the next day several times. Whoa!

  2. Congratulations on your new grandson! Beautiful quilting and lovely effect!

  3. Beautifully quilted, your choices were perfect. Congratulations!

  4. Congrats on the beautiful baby! Babies are so exciting. Your quilting looks great!

  5. Beautiful quilting, and beautiful grandkids! Congrats on the new baby. My goodness, I don't know how she did that either? Must be superwoman, or a heck of a lot younger than we are, lol!

  6. The quilts are beautiful but overshadowed by the news that your a Grandmother....Congrats!!!!!

  7. Ooh Congratulations to you and your family Carol! I just love that last photo and think your middle granddaughter must be hoot.
    You picked a great way to handle the quilting. Especially on the panel, which would have left me stumped.
    Your daughter deserved some sort of award. I cannot even imagine how she did it, LOL.


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