Since We Last Spoke . . .

You may remember that I had some ripping to do before this quilt could be finished.
(Some quilting decisions deserve to die! ha!)

This time I kept things simple and classic - but not too safe!
I could have held back, but I think filling the flowers made this quilt even more fun to look at!



I also finished sewing some shields to donate to Days For Girls  - hygiene kits help girls live their lives every day of the month.

This beautifully pieced chevron quilt filled my frame completely.

Ripples panto

Beautifully pieced back, too!

Perfect points!

Cozy flannel is always a great choice for a snuggly quilt.

Puzzle panto

House Update

Most of the floor tile has been installed and grouted, the walls have been primed, and the ceilings have been finished. (all said with suitable jumping-up-and-down and clapping of hands!!!)

The first coat of purple is on our feature wall in the living room, too! (and I love it!!!)

Our fireplace is waiting for installation - - - soon, I hear!
(Man, I don't envy that job. The thing weighs about 600 lbs.)

Plumbing and heating rough-in is almost finished, I think. (How would you like to put this puzzle together?)

Shower rough in - a pretty puzzle!

Still lots to be done, but before you know it, it'll be time for us to pack!

Try, Learn, & Grow!


  1. Love the quilting on that first quilt. Neat!

    Ooh. The house is shaping up!

  2. That wall!!! Fabulousness!! (though I would call it plum, rather than purple) It is so exciting how the house is coming together!! I'm happy-dancing right along with ya! :-)

    The quilting on the irish chain is oh-so-perfect. Hate that you had to spend time with your seam ripper to get there, though...

  3. Wow, you have been busy!! On the green quilt, did you use a stencil or do you have a computerized machine? Loving all your show and tell today!!

  4. Beautiful progress on quilts and your new home alike!

  5. What beautiful quilting and tile. :). I love that Irish chain.

  6. Beautiful quilt and outstanding quilting. The house is coming along very nicely.

  7. Yes, sometimes quilting decisions deserve to die. Otherwise we wouldn't need stitch rippers. I absolutely LOVE how you finished the quilt. It's simply gorgeous. It might even be one of my faves. The house is looking great. It's so open and bright.

  8. Your quilting is perfect! Beautiful work!

  9. Yes your custom quilting is just beautiful! It's fun to see the progress of your must be getting excited!!


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