Snip, Sew, Carve, Print

Accidentally disabling my touch pad put a crimp in things a week (or more?) ago. 
My fingers hit the wrong combination of keys and - BAM - locked out! 
So much for that blog post - ha!

That's what comes of writing in the dark, I guess. Which I do all the time. But maybe I shouldn't.

Luckily one of my sons already knew the fix. (This mayyyy have happened once before . . .)

Anyway, tonight I'm trying again - with the lights on!


I've been working my way from this:

Just call me a stripper!

 To this:

Strippy panel

To this!

Strippy block

Soon I'll get to the artsy part of my project, but in the meantime - on I sew!

Laina has been working on her Youth Challenge entry. 
It's so much fun to watch her project take shape and see her excitement grow! 

This year she is using all the tools herself, including the rotary cutter and the iron. She is growing up. (sob, sob!)

Laina, hard at work

In the interest of fair play, I'll keep her project under wraps until after the Viewer's Choice vote. 
She won last year, and was tickled pink about having done it fair and square! 

As usual, I'm encouraging her to make something she will enjoy on her wall even if she doesn't win.

This year, ALL of the youth entries get to hang at Quilt Canada in celebration of Canada's 150th year. She's pretty stoked about that idea, too! Not every kid has their work hang in a national show for two years in a row!

Why, yes, that is a heat register in my purse!

Not the strangest thing I've had in my purse!

Getting ready to sell our home of 20 years involves random tasks like replacing registers and updating tired cabinet knobs. 

Between the new place and the old, I make lots of trips to the hardware store every week!

Hello brushed nickel, goodbye brass
Another lino cutting workshop, you say?

In a moment of insanity, I thought sign me up!
And then I was committed.

A sensible person might have hesitated to add one more thing to her already busy weekend, but nope. Not me! 

Once there, I decided to try a complicated idea with a high risk of failure. Of course. 
(Is there any other way? ha!)

Lino cut printed on special paper #1

Working from my own photo, I split the image at the horizon line and carved the top portion in the positive, and the bottom in the negative. (or, maybe the other way around? doesn't matter!)

Lino cut printed on special paper #2

We learned (in theory) how to make a "key block" and a complementary background block to go with it. 

I may clean up the "chatter marks" (messy lines) in the top portion of this block and try carving a background block, just for the experience. (Can't learn if ya don't try!)

Last time I had carved a horse block (which I love!). It printed beautifully on paper, but I wondered how it would do on fabric.

Lino cut printed on white paper

Well. It looks worse than it is. With a little work and imagination, I think I can save this mess!

Lino cut printed on fabric

Fresh off the Frame

Client quilt - Drunken Feathers panto

Client quilt - Bountiful Feathers

Client quilt - Ebb and Flow panto

House Update

New kitchen, March 1st.

Before cabinets arrived

Kitchen, March 15th.

Cabinets! (no counters yet, tho)

That's our hard working contractor back there. I'm certainly glad he is managing this project!

Have a happy day!

Try, Learn, & Grow!


  1. I so enjoyed your update...I always seem to do better when I have more going on. (Does that make sense?)

  2. Great projects! I'll be interested in seeing what you do with the horse print. Moving isn't a fun thing to do, but it looks like the home you are building will be wonderful.

  3. I look forward to seeing what Laina creates this year. I look forward to your updates and the progress on your new home is really exciting. I hope the preparation to sell your current home goes smoothly.

  4. SQUEEEEE..... to the kitchen. Lots of happy dances taking place there, I imagine. You're letting Laina use the rotary cutter? eek! I suppose I should let my girls use it too, but oh - that scares me. I'm so excited to see what she has been working on!! (she has an excellent pencil grip! but then, you knew that ;-) I like the drunken feathers panto (looks an awful lot like bountiful feathers. I wonder what it is that makes them drunk....) You do jump in a project, Woman!! The new (double) (half & half?) lino cut is fabulous - well done. I think I like the horse not being 'as clean' on the fabric - at least with that indigo fabric....
    well, I am off to sew! I have my 504 pieces down to 24 chunks, and will soon have a quilt top :-)

  5. You have so much on the go and it's all exciting. I'm glad Laina is participating in the Youth Challenge, again. I'm loving your new stamp and all the projects but that new kitchen is incredible.

  6. Remember when there was just blocks and concrete? Now you have cabinets!!! Totally exciting! :)

  7. I enjoyed your update on your projects as well as your home . Look forward to seeing Laina' s project . Your home is really taking shape !


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