Thursday, 21 December 2017

A Christmas Stocking Story

As an organized hoarder - no, no, I mean collector of miscellany (aka "things I love") - there was no need to shop outside my stash for this entire project!

Loved making this special commission so much!
Ribbons, twine, special thread, flannel, vintage button, wool from a sweater I no longer wear, zipper that's never been used, home d├ęcor samples sorted by colour?
Check, check, checkity-check!

What about a specialty fabric for the lining? But, of course!

Plush lining as a special treat for little hands!

The Osnaburg? Yup, had that too.
As a quilter, did I need it?
Nope. I bought it because it called to me.
I know.
It's a thing.
Once in a blue moon I get a feeling about something. I've learned to trust that feeling, and just go with it when I can. It hasn't failed me yet.

The Process, in pictures:

Begin with something FUN!

Cut the shape

Prepare the "crazy" patches for the heel and toe (and sew them on)

Stitch the lining so it will last

Use that zipper!

LOVE this!

Time for the flower

Add a cuff, and put it all together

Send it off for a little girl's very first Christmas!

This may look delicate, but it's actually fairly bullet proof.
It's meant to be a functional stocking, so everything has been permanently glued, stitched and double stitched. Even the frayed fabric has been lightly coated with a sealer to prevent further disintegration. With reasonable care, this stocking should last for many years!

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  1. Cute, cute!! How fun to be able to shop the stash for a complete project. I like doing that too.

  2. Stephen West, a very well known knitter, says we are "curators" of our collections! How lovely for that little girl to have a one of a kind stocking.

  3. I love this!! The heart is my very favorite touch. Which, I suppose is appropriate, given how much heart you put into your special creations....
    (The cabinetry behind the stocking - is it in your studio??)

  4. That zipper edged heart is brilliant!

  5. Oh, you had fun making this one! And her parents are certain to keep it for years to come!

  6. Love the stocking ,all the little extras like the zipper and flower really make this special ❤

  7. I loved seeing the step-by-step photos with descriptions The way you used the zipper was genius! What a treasure!

  8. Yay, so many pretty details! Well done!


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