Moon Glow

Moon Glow was made as a companion piece to Firefly Dance --- you could say it's a twig off the old tree! (har!)

It was commissioned as a Christmas gift by the couple who own Firefly Dance, so I couldn't share right away.
And then I plum forgot!

As with Firefly Dance, I pieced the background and then created the images by removing colour.

I started by laying out the basic composition.

Then I covered the areas where I wanted to keep the colour of the cloth and applied the discharge product.

I thought it would be fun to play with positive and negative images over the edge of the moon.
To accomplish that, I did the discharge in two steps.

Step one preserved colour in the moon (as shown above), and step two removed colour from the background.

I originally thought the piece would be square, but as it developed it grew in length to make room for a more interesting composition.

As is my preference, "sketchy stitching" around the images helped define them while keeping an organic feel.

A touch of foil added the "glow". It's difficult to capture glow with my phone, but this kind of shows it . . .

Moon Glow now resides at the other end of the country, where I hope its new owner finds it pleasing!

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  1. Really, really neat. I love how that turned out.

  2. Facing was definitely the right choice for finishing off this beautiful mini. I really like the way you played with positive and negative, and I wish there were a great way to photograph sheen and sparkle!!

  3. Wow!!!! I had not seen your Firefly Dance. Both of these are spectacular. I am mesmerized by them and by the process. What kind of discharge product do you use? Is it difficult to keep it from bleeding into the area you want to keep fully colored?

  4. So, so cool! It really captures the look of the moon in a dark sky. Love this!

  5. Carole , you are so talented , this art piece is simply stunning !

  6. Great result. Looks really lovely and glad you allowed it to grow to suit your vision of the piece.

  7. I don't even have to tell you I love this one. Did you have plenty of fabric left from Firefly Dance or did you have to purchase more? Beautiful. Just beautiful.

  8. I missed the previous quilt and both are great! Interesting technique indeed!


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