Challenges Met

Three secret sewing projects with March deadlines = a very quiet blog!

I'm happy to report that all three projects have been completed and entered in their respective challenges. Whew!

Here's something I can share - a client quilt, Fresh off the Frame!

This quilt was a challenge for its maker, with all sorts of bias edges and weird angles. She was a little stressed out by the end because the darn thing refused to lay flat.

When she asked if I could do the quilting I said, "YES! I'd be happy to help."

I promised that - though there may be a ripple here and there - the quilt would lay flat and look BEAUTIFUL when it was done!!!

I decided to spray-baste the quilt before loading it on the frame, using the construction seams (it was assembled in quarters) as my guide for squaring the quilt top. Once the horizontal and vertical lines were established, excess fabric was evenly distributed and controlled.

In addition to the spray-basting, straight pins helped prevent shifting as the quilt was loaded.
(Better safe than sorry, I say!)

Once it was on the frame, I worked from the center, out.

Wavy lines, swirls, and S-curves helped "eat up" fabric while complementing the modern aesthetic of the quilt.

As promised, the quilting did the trick. The quilt is officially flat, and looks amazing!!!

I sure love a happy ending!

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  1. Gorgeous, Carole, you did a fabulous job on this one!!

  2. Amazing! You worked a miracle!

  3. I do love your work. And you get some wild quilts to start with. Good to know that about S-curves. This came out beautifully!

  4. Congratulations on meeting your deadlines, and wow, great way to approach and quilt that for your client. I bet they are thrilled with the outcome!

  5. wow!! Challenge accepted and met! ;-) It looks fantastic and one would never know there was so much extra fabric. Beautifully done, Rockstar!!

  6. WOW! What a difference!!! Doesn't it make you feel great to take someone's hard work and make it beautiful? You did a fantastic job!

  7. Wow, I'm really impressed with how you flattened this quilt out! Thanks for sharing some of the motifs that you use to do that. Makes sense that curves and squiggles would work. Gorgeous quilt, gorgeous quilting :)

  8. I am in awe. I would not have thought you could be so successful with that quilt. Well done.

  9. You have my admiration, lady! What a chore to get that flat. Awesome job! And you addressed with such confidence. I shall have to remember that :)

  10. You're right, it does look amazing. You worked some serious magic on that one!


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