Studio Gone Wild!

. . . if you count one moose as going wild, that is!

The top was pieced with the batting attached as a stabilizer. The sashing is a thick minky that might otherwise have been hard to control. Its seams laid perfectly, thanks to this clever idea.

I basted the layers together down the entire quilt before adding anything fancy.

I then outlined the moose and worked UP the central panel, outlining the tracks as I went. My client mentioned that she envisioned that long panel as a pathway, so I quilted it accordingly.

I like working from the center, out, to prevent weird ripples and pleats on the quilt back. This is ESPECIALLY important when the back shows EVERYTHING!

Leaves and branches seemed like a good fit for a moose, so that's what I quilted!

After the blocks were filled, the sashing looked a bit wobbly, so I stitched beside it to crisp everything up. I had to work freehand because it was so thick a ruler would have been a hazard. I'm glad to have done it - the sashing settled back into place perfectly!

I left the extra backing intact around the perimeter of the quilt. My client plans to wrap it to the front as binding for a soft, cuddly finish.

The front of the quilt is appealing, but I can't get enough of looking at the BACK - I love all that texture!!!

I'm easily amoosed! (pfft - I'm such a goof!)

OH, and Foxy Feet were spotted beside another pretty client quilt.
How's THAT for WILD??? ha!

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  1. Interesting. And clever. And you did a perfect job on the quilting!! (I tried to think of some wildly clever way to say that (do you see what I did there? :-) but I got nothin'. I'm glad you said those were tracks; my first thought was "Is that scat?!" (which would be appropriate. but unusual...) Clearly I have no clue what either moose tracks OR scat look like! I also, clearly, should not be reading blogs before 8....
    (the slipper socks are adorable!)

  2. WOW! This is such a fun quilt!

  3. Super fun quilt! I love the look and feel of minky. Great job on choosing your designs for this quilt. Love it!

  4. I do love how the quilting shows on the back of the Moose quilt. :)

  5. Hi Carole,
    I love the amoosed comment - very clever! Your quilting absolutely makes this quilt even more fabulous than it already is. Great job - both of you! And the foxy slipper socks - how cool are they?! My friend named her baby Fox and she know collects all things foxy. I'll have to tell her to look for them. ~smile~ Roseanne

  6. What a great quilt, and your quilting is wonderful. Your client will be thrilled, I'm sure.

  7. Neat! That first quilt is very cool. I like the second one, too.

  8. Oh, I love all the natural vines, branches and leaves you quilted in this quilt. In fact, I love it all! I see you didn't quilt across the moose tracks. Did you stitch up around them, or tie off and move to the other side. (Inquiring minds get hung up with these type of details.....)

  9. Brilliant quilting on the moose piece! Love it!

  10. Your quilting really makes that quilt! It looks perfect.

  11. Wow!! This looks so snuggly! I absolutely love the quilting. I’ve used minke on baby quilts before and I think I really need to make a couch quilt with it for myself!

  12. You are so funny! Well I was very amooosed too! As always, I'm once again inspired by your quilting. SMILES! :)


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