Good News!

I've been working toward this since January 2015, so this is VERY good news - I passed my exam and am officially a CQA/ACC Certified Quilt Judge!

Click on this post from January 2015 to see the first (of many) required art and design exercise(s).

The design exercises were evaluated by the Judge Certification Program (JCP) instructors to determine a candidate's readiness for the program. (Maybe they're also a test of dedication? It took me six months to complete this portion of the program!)

In addition to the exercises, there were required readings and the expectation of ongoing self-directed learning.
(Not a problem!)

Testing a theory is one way to learn

In June 2015, I was accepted into an intensive four-day workshop on judging and writing critiques. After much learning, testing, observation, and evaluation, I officially became a CQA Apprentice Judge - whew!

2015 head shot for publication

I then had three years in which to gain judging experience and write critiques for hundreds of quilts. With each experience I could feel myself growing into the role.

Not gonna lie. A couple of times I wanted to ditch the whole thing.
But then encouraging words would find my ear and I'd press on.
(Thank you, Mom. Thank you, Elinor. Thank you, Anna, Kathy, Judy, and Joyce. And, THANK YOU to the show organizers who gave me positive feedback and did the extra paperwork required for my apprenticeship!)

Last, but not least, came the final certification exam: a mock judging at Quilt Canada's National Juried Show. I expected to be nervous, but nerves were mild and short lived. My focus was on the task of judging, not on my evaluators. After the first two quilts, it felt like "just" another show! (I know, right??? GROWTH, I tell ya.)

More Good News!
Laina's Youth Challenge entry won first place in her age group in the judged competition!

The challenge theme was, "Going on a Journey", and the challenge fabric was the one Laina used in her pathway.

Riley's quilt also hung in the show, which was an exciting first for him!

His title was actually, "Journey to the Center of the Earth: The Gem Cavern". Not sure what happened online (space restriction?), but the sign with his quilt was accurate.

A few quilts in the youngest age category (5 - 10, maybe?) What a creative bunch!

May your day be a "good news" kind of day, too!

Try, Learn, & Grow!


  1. How exciting! Congratulations to you! Just love those kids quilts.

  2. A hearty congratulations to you! Your dedication has proven to be worthwhile. Go, you!!!! Big smiles here for you :)

  3. Congrats! That's terrific. And those kids quilts are so much fun.

  4. Congratulations! Even just watching from afar I could tell how much time and energy you put into becoming certified. And it's wonderful to see the youth quilts - they are so inspiring. Congratulations all around today! :)

  5. Big HUGE Congratulations!!!!

  6. I found your blog from Yvonne's latest post, but congratulations on getting certified! ;) I did Level 1 of the program a couple of weeks ago and I'm looking forward to continuing the program.

  7. You have all KINDS of exciting news! Way to go, Family! Your children are following in your creative footsteps. That is so exciting.


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