Quilting Matters

There are many considerations when choosing what to stitch on a quilt - not the least of which is budget.

A pantograph is an economical choice, but people often wonder if it would do their quilt justice. Would it really look good stitched over applique?

It certainly can!

Client Quilt - a feathery panto suits the heritage feel of this hand-appliqued beauty

What about over hand piecing?

Yes again!

Client Quilt - entirely pieced by hand. Feathers were top choice again, for good reason.
Client Quilt - quilting enhances without overwhelming. The quilt remains the "star". (ha - stars, really!)

It's important to match the character of the panto to the character of the quilt. The scale of the quilting motif should also suit the size of the piecing. Generally, smaller piecing would benefit from denser quilting, and vice versa.

Much as I love custom quilting, many quilts shine just as brightly with an overall design.

Client Quilt - swirly texture complements geometric piecing.

The purpose of a quilt (is it for the bed or wall? for show or daily use? to celebrate a special occasion? is it a comfort quilt?), its intended recipient (adult? kid? loved one? charity? raffle?) - and even who is paying the bill - also play into the quilting decision.

Remember that a carefully chosen pantograph can be a very successful option, from both a design and a budgetary point of view.

Try, Learn, & Grow!


  1. Great reminder. I am about to load a quilt to finish for my niece and was struggling with the knowledge that an allover design would be best for this particular quilt. I feel better about that after reading your post; so timely!

  2. You make some good points Carole. Keeping the budget in mind, as well as pleasing the client, can sometimes cause some angst. But a good overall design can really enhance a beautiful quilt top.

  3. It's so tempting sometimes to over quilt a piece that doesn't need it. We love to practice our FMQ, don't we? But the right overall design gives lots of texture and let's the piecing shine.

  4. Well said! There’s so much to consider.

  5. So happy to read this since I chose a swirly design for a geometric quilt I left with a LAQ. Can't wait to see it when it comes back.


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