Improv Stitchery

A need for busy hands motivated more improv stitchery - this time on rainbow painted fabric I'd made as a class demo a while back.

The fabric was just the right size for a zipper bag, so that's what it became!

I took inspiration from the fabric for the diagonal flow of stitches on the front of the bag. The marks in the paint also inspired "ricing" and French knots.

What to do on the back?

Inspired by a friend's gorgeous handwork, I decided to try spirals.

Hmm. Too much tension in the first couple of spirals caused fabric to gather in their centers.
Not a deal breaker. Just learn and move on.

I soon found the tension that would create fabulous texture without bunching up the centers.

I wanted the back to relate to the front, so carried a sprinkling of stitches over the top.

And that's how this happy, little bag came to be!

Studio News
Remember the snowman quilt I made as soon as we came home from Peru?
(click the links to see relevant posts if you're curious!)

It was my donation to the Festival of Trees, and guess what? A pretty ribbon!

I'm happy to support our local Women's Shelter, ribbon or no ribbon, but I confess - I'm tickled that my work was chosen again this year. :-)

Clients will be happy to know that I've added five more pantographs to my collection.
(click HERE to see all 60+ choices)


Snowy Owl




I've chewed my way through a sizeable list this month and am relieved that life can settle into a more sustainable pace.

In fact, I'm taking today off to rest and fight a head cold that's trying to settle in. Tomorrow is another day!

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  1. The snowy owl pantograph really speaks to me! I think hand quilting and stitching can be so meditative and fun. I hope your day of rest was helpful in fighting off your cold!

  2. That zipper bag is fantastic. I love all the different work you put in it. So very pretty!

  3. Oh, that bag! It's gorgeous and unique and wonderful!!

  4. What a beautiful little jewel!!

  5. Congrats on the ribbon for your work! I must say it is so nice to read about other people's creativity and vision for finished projects. You've created a wonderful bag. Delightful!

  6. Your zippy pouch is really beautiful! I absolutely love all the hand stitching you did. It really makes it special! xoxo


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