Coming Up for Air

I've been working through several large projects, so blogging has been on the back burner. Client quilting, coordinating the jurying process for the CQA/ACC National Juried Show, and making art for a solo show meant hustling hard!

It's impossible to show the NJS jurying, but I can say that it has been intense and time consuming. Letters went out to the entrants a couple of days ago, so most of the work is done. Just a few loose ends to contend with, and I'll have completed my duties - Whew!

Fresh off the Frame
Each medallion of this gorgeous (GORGEOUS!) English paper pieced quilt has its own character, which I tried to honour with the quilting.

Because this is all hand pieced, there's absolutely no stitching in the ditches.

Fillers were chosen based on how they related to a medallion's character, to each other, and whether or not I could stitch them without using the ditches.

My client requested a generous, undulating feather in the borders - the perfect finishing touch for this quilt!

My goal was to enhance the quilt without diminishing the beauty of the fabrics. Look at all that amazing fussy cutting!!!

Edges lay flat when the quilt is laid out on a flat surface. I threw this over a poly filled, puffy quilt already on the bed, and it shows. (whoops!)

Cleared the frame in time to meet this client's deadline:

(Here you can see the pink, puffy culprit underneath this quilt - still whoops!)
Flirtatious pantograph 
It was fun to roll with a pantograph after the intense custom job - so I squeezed in one more!

Bones pantograph

Then I became anxious to finish a couple of things in time for my solo show, "Nature Stories".

These two pieces have been under construction for a lonnnng time. Planning a show was the push I needed to get them done.

My show has been hung, and I'm happy to say that four of my pieces sold on opening night! I haven't been back to check on things since the opening, but will drop in this week for an update.

I'm not going to show everything I've been up to in a single post (you're welcome!).

Suffice it to say, three months of 16 hour days had me gasping for air a few times . . . but here I am on the other side of the deadlines, intact and still breathing! WHOOP, WHOOP!!!

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  1. Spectacular work. Can you sit a spell and take a few breathes?

  2. That penrose tiling quilt is spectacular. Your quilting on it is perfect. Good grief, I hope you can take a breather. Huzzah for your sold pieces, too!

  3. You must have had a kazillion thread starts and stops! mercy! Its beautiful though, and your quilting definitely complemented the piecing. Fabulous job, as always! (and I'm not at all surprised some pieces sold right off the bat :-)
    I hope you can take some time soon to just chill!

  4. Congratulations on making it to the other side of a lot of work and deadlines. It's amazing how things can all stack up at the same time. I'm excited to hear more about your solo show!

  5. Congratulations on your show! The quilt you showed us at the top is wonderful. :-)

  6. Good to hear from you again! Yes, you have been busy, but many good things are developing from all those hours you've put in. Congrats on the solo show - wish I could see it in person! Enjoy the process.

  7. Ooo! Ahh! I spent a lot of time enlarging these photos and peering in wonder at your amazing quilting. Thanks for the eye candy and inspiration!


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