A WIP kind of week

WIP #1
A guided tour (and lecture) with Carolyn Friedlander was my introduction to this designer and her work.

Carolyn Friedlander, leading our quilt walk

My Mom and I had signed up for this experience because we knew the setting from a previous quilt walk with Tula Pink. (click the link to see LOTS of juicy Tula quilts!)

As ridiculous as it sounds, that was enough to make us say, "TAKE OUR MONEY, we want in!"
I'm so glad we signed up!

three of Carolyn Friedlander's quilts

I ran across an interesting book while browsing the (strategically placed) Carolyn Friedlander merch before the lecture. A quick peek between the covers led me to believe it would be worth my money, and I've not been disappointed! Even without the abundance of projects, there's nothing I like more than a window into a creative brain.

In August, I began making the Bullseye design from the book. Circles are my thang, and I loved choosing how to arrange the rings in each block. (I so enjoy when designers provide the techniques, but then let you determine how things unfold!)


Turned edge, hand applique - not my usual MO - took me back to my early days of petit point and cross stitch. I'd forgotten how much I love handwork!


My eyes, however, did not agree.

A pair of drugstore magnifiers helped immensely, but if I wanted to also watch tv - - - welp!
Might be time for bifocals.


Straight line quilting fit with the modern aesthetic.
(Plus it's quick - important when squeezing my own quilts into the mix.)


My goal is to bind it in time for our guild's annual show.

Bullseye quilt

WIP #2
This 12-inch bunny block was made as a teaching tool for a Violet Craft paper piecing workshop. It's no longer needed as a sample, so I've decided to make into a quilted, 16-inch throw pillow. Adding a border was step one. Quilting will be next.

Forest Abstractions block, framed

WIP #3
. . . my poor, neglected Gypsy Wife. I plan to work on blocks during our guild's Sewing Saturdays. At least once a month I'll make some progress.

Nurses Cross block

Fresh off the Frame
Client quilts this week include:

Ripples pantograph

Bountiful Feathers pantograph

Drunken Feathers pantograph

May your days be full of beauty, and your WIPs be heading for the finish line!


Try, Learn, & Grow!


  1. As usual, grass is not growing under your feet!! I have to tell you I LOVE the two pairs of glasses.

  2. Your Bullseye quilt is so fun! It reminds me of old TV test patterns, too :)

  3. I love your circles quilt! I enjoy making circles, too. I’d love to step it up a notch, so I’ll have to research her books. The Ripples on that one quilt are perfect!


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