Gathering Threads

It's been so long I'm not even sure where to begin, so I'll just start!

CQA Postcard Challenge
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It seems like these small artworks should take no time at all, but let me disabuse you of that minute it's ten a.m. and the next it's time to start supper!

They're also irresistible, which makes them dangerous. Can't stop with just one!

Because I'm the Alberta North CQA Rep, I received a pink, hand-dyed fabric from the CQA's Executive Director, along with an invitation to make a postcard that represents my area. Of course I made an Alberta Rose!

And then I commented on a Facebook post made by the challenge sponsor, Cindy's Threadworks, and Cindy sent me two screen printed hand-dyes to make into postcards for the challenge!

The dragonfly only needed a bit of additional fabric and some stitch to enhance the print.

The hummingbird print received some stitch, green paint, and an eye dot to bring it to life.
Then it needed a snack, of course!

I'm not sure I dare start another! Must. Resist. (and get back to work!)

Speaking of work, isn't my 2020 social media badge pretty? We've been busy behind the scenes, and things are on track for National Juried Show entrants to receive notification letters in March, as planned. I can't wait to see lots of green badges on Facebook and Instagram when excited finalists start posting!

Client quilts, Fresh off the Frame:
I had a notion this gorgeous bargello should be feathered, and I soon learned that the quilt agreed!

It soundly rejected swirls in the background, and also despised diagonal lines through the piecing. Once I surrendered to feathers EVERYWHERE, we were off and running!

Feathery client quilt!

The feather spines echo the direction of the piecing, and the texture turned out better than I could have hoped. WHEW!!

Don'tcha love the back of a quilt!

The following quilts were delighted with edge-to-edge designs!

Fantasy Flame pantograph finishes this show stopper with pizzazz

Modern Twist pantograph works well on this cozy quilt.

Ripples pantograph adds movement to this fun quilt!

Kandinsky pantograph on a stunning Gypsy Wife.

January also meant plenty of time with my grandchildren, so there was a lot of food to prepare, a lot of time in the car together, and not nearly as much quilting time. But, what a trade off!

Granny's tired, but someone else is still full of beans...haha!

Happy times!

Until next time,

Try, Learn, & Grow!


  1. Wonderful. Love your postcard. Those customer quilts are amazing!! Spring soon (please)

  2. Those postcards are amazing. The rest of the quilts are great, too. LOL and that last photo is priceless!

  3. Yes, what a good trade off! And still lots of quilty goodness happening for you.


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