A Little Flock of Fun!

This small wall hanging was prepped for stitch before I remembered to grab a before shot. It also sported some chalk lines - drawn to see if an idea for the birds would actually fit the space.

Spoiler - it did!

My client suggested that perhaps grass could grow up around the birds. I went a step further into the land of whimsy by adding folksy flowers and leaves.

Looks like a little flock of fun to me!

Client Quilt Gallery

Whether quilting is custom or done using pantographs, I'm thrilled every single time a beautiful quilt is Fresh off the Frame!

This one was finished with the Halcyon pantograph:

Spring Garland panto:

Wrought Iron panto:

Bountiful Feathers panto:

Giant, custom swirls and pebbles finish the next quilt: it was challenging to keep such large swirls looking circle-ish, but I'm really happy with the result!

The owner of the next quilt plans to quilt it herself on her domestic machine. To help her with that task, she had me stabilize the quilt by ditching around all the main sections. Smart!

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  1. Oh wow! You totally rocked the quilting on that little bird quilt. It has so much texture now. I also love the flowers that were quilted in.

    My second favorite is the blue and white quilt.

  2. Such a lovely job. You really made those client quilts sing!

  3. I love the swirls and pebbles. Those birds are delightful - I like your extra flourishes.

  4. Oh, very smart to have you stabilize a large quilt for domestic machine quilting!!

  5. Love the little flock!! You have been busy - as always!!

  6. Goodness, you've been busy! Those flowers growing up amongst the ducks are adorable, and must have been fussy with the color changes. Do you knot and bury threads for the little flower blossoms? That freehand swirls and pebbles you quilted came out fantastic; I'd have thought it was a panto or computerized for how consistent you were with spacing and replicating the design from one end of the quilt to the other. And yes, I was thinking about that recently -- remembering how much I loathed pin basting for quilting on a domestic machine or thread basting for hand quilting, and wishing that one of my books or magazines had suggested help from a long arm quilter when I was just starting out and could have really benefitted from that service. Thanks for linking up with Long Arm Learning!

  7. What a treat to see so many gorgeous quilts! So much variety of color and style, and your quilting adding that perfect final touch. Love the flowers with the little birds! :)

  8. What a great little quilt, your flower additions make a huge difference, well done!!

  9. Hi Carole! I'm visiting from Rebecca's new linky party. Thanks for sharing such wonderful pictures of the various pantos you've used. I don't have a LA yet - a friend and I might be getting one together. Even on my DSM, I take great inspiration from seeing some of the simpler pantos that can be adapted. ~smile~ Roseanne

  10. Hello Carole,
    I have totally fallen for the little birds. Those whimsical flowers are right up my street, and they make a perfect contrast with the quilting on the white background.
    Thank you for linking up with Free Motion Mavericks! The little birds are this week's featured project.
    Love, Muv


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