Poppies and Leaves

I love watching a quilt come alive with quilting, don't you?

Working from the center, out, made sense for this project.

Crosshatching in the center is repeated in the next section to be quilted, but in a slightly larger scale to complement the large poppy motifs.

You may have guessed that this is a quilt of remembrance. Twenty two names were quilted into the yellow and green center sections. Coming from a direct line of farmers, I can't even imagine a family tree so full of veterans.

The writing on the quilt follows the orientation of the poppies as they rotate around the quilt's center. 

In Flanders Fields begins its flow around the quilt in the first, yellow border, and finishes in the accent border near the quilt's edges. I like the idea that these somber words embrace the veterans' names.

At eighty seven inches square, this quilt makes a huge impact whether it's hung or laid on a bed. 

And, that's a wrap!

Rather than lumping everything into a mammoth post - as usual - I'm stopping here with the intent to show less, but post more often.

Oh, who am I kidding??? I've gotta show you just one more thing!

I've been making sun prints, and think these bits will become a collage, of sorts. Which version do you prefer? Keep the pink/purple together, or separate them?

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  1. I like your idea about smaller more frequent posts. Great quilt and I vote for separating the pink and purple. Sun prints are fun, no?

  2. What a stunning quilt; it just glows, Carole! I personally vote to separate the pink / purple. :)

  3. Beautiful as always and an amazing tribute

  4. Seeing your work always makes my day. Such amazing quilts you get (and love your quilting). Sun prints are cool looking! (I like the 2nd one best)

  5. Amazing quilt! Your stitching of the words and names gives it even more impact. Gorgeous!


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